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Sunday, May 11, 2008

3 Winning Tips - How To Boost Sales on the Internet

Part 2 of 3

by Nina Danza,

You’ve joined some internet groups, post on other sites of your target market, and get google alerts of where folks are finding you, right? Good! Now attract them to your shop.

What’s in a Game. You saw the 'Name that Tune' and ‘Which Doesn’t Belong’ treasuries I ran. Etsy registration is still expanding exponentially and treasuries are a really easy tool to get folks to come to you with minimal effort on your part. I gave a virtual gift certificate to the person(s) who answered correctly and got a sale.

Sale from Game Promotion

But don’t forget your new non-Etsy visitors. They don’t know a treasury from an ‘X’ on the ground. Hide a puzzle in your item titles, item descriptions, item pictures or anywhere else you want the visitor to go. Make it fun and easy! Tell visitors to favorite your shop for future games if they don’t win.

NOW YOU’RE COOKING: Be sure to remove any aspect of chance in your game (with or even without purchase required) due to Etsy site rules. Give EVERYONE who gets the answer right a prize. Give the game deadline and any other fine print, such as ‘one prize per address’. This article has some good advice on the legal stuff.

Use a theme.

Themes really help folks remember the reason they are playing!

--Mother’s Day? Find the 6 famous Mother’s in my photos!

--Summer Vacation? Discover the 12 California Landmarks in my item descriptions!

--July 4? Tell me which items contain the words of the first line of the Declaration of Independence!

What other games can you think of? Do you like word scrambles? Trivia? Humor is a huge sales technique just ask (but that’s the subject of a whole nother article!).

Now go notify your new groups about your game!

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