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Friday, October 30, 2015

Showing the Handmade

It's time for my monthly roundup of the new items the CCCOE team has listed for sale. As this is only a brief taste, make sure to check out the newbie thread for other great finds.

First up, it's not too late to get something for Halloween. Especially if it's a digital download like this good witch card...

Good Witch Kitty, digital download, halloween card
Good Witch Kitty by Crystal Mist Cottages

Of course, Halloween doesn't need to be the end of the interestingly-themed items. Like, for example, this rosette...

Haunted Mansion Rosette with a Single Layer Black Satin Rosette, Print Bow, and Vintage Inspired Skull Poison Curio on a bed of Black Tulle
Haunted Mansion Rosette by Rottengirl

And let's face it, I'm a sucker for anything orange. Which is why this bracelet caught my eye...

Bracelet, Fall Jewelry, Pumpkin Jewelry, Wire Crochet, Originalsbydenise
Bracelet by Originalsbydenise

Perhaps you're looking for an upcoming birthday. We are currently in the sign of Scorpio and we will be until about November 21st. If you've ever met a Scorpio, this mug is pretty apropos.

Funny Mug, Scorpio Zodiac Mug, Geekery, Novelty, Friendship, Coworker, Rude, Cuppa, Stalker
Scorpio Zodiac Mug by Mean Muggin 39 Cups

The other thing I'm a sucker for is the interesting bag. And this tie bag has that in spades...

Recycled Silk Tie Purse
Recycled Silk Tie Purse by Lulu's Creations

Need a planter for your succulents? I've seen various ideas for planters, but I'll admit I kind of like the graphic look of this triangle. It'll definitely stand out in an outdoor space...

Triangle Cut Out Vertical Garden Planter Ready to ship
Vertical Garden Planter by Succulent Wonderland

And finally, it'll probably get cold around here. Eventually. And when it does, how about a handwoven blanket?  

Handwoven Blanket No.2
Handwoven Blanket by michaelawhitney

Make sure to check out the Show Your Handmade thread for all the new items for this October. There are so many great jewelry pieces as well as great ideas for that big holiday that's coming up in a couple months.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Craft Fair Show Advice

I asked the team to give us their best advice for doing a craft fair...

ohmay says:
scope out the venue before applying........ 
If the show is inundated with cheap manufactured items, then your handmade items will likely suffer in sales/pricing as it will not/cannot compete. 
If the show draws a certain type of buyers (ie seniors, teens, parents, hipsters, joggers/outdoor type, etc), try to fit your products to the potential buyers.
Hand Braided and Beaded Women Eye Glass Lanyard / Holder / Chain / Leash - Pink Heart Eye Glass Holder
Hand Braided and Beaded Women Eye Glass Lanyard

anniekdesigns says:
Always bring more merchandise than you can sell. Nothing is more off putting than an empty table. 
Don't be afraid to change your set up or repackage your items. It took me being part of a co-op store to figure packaging out. 
Bring your look book. This is a book that has pictures of the items you have made. Past and present. 
Relax and have a good time, regardless of how much you sell. 
Modern Wristlet, Moda Juggling Summer Wristlet, iPhone6 Plus, Samsung 5/6 Carryall Wristlet, Fall Wristlet, Handmade by AnnieKDesigns
Modern Wristlet

And after a particularly slow show in the heat last weekend, I (Zizi Rho Designs) say:
Avoid holiday craft fairs in October. Unless the "holiday" is Halloween. Shoppers aren't ready to do their Christmas shopping yet, and turnout tends to be low.
Lip Balm Holder with Clip
Lip Balm Holder with Clip
How about you? Any good advice for someone doing a craft fair?