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Friday, August 22, 2014

How Am I Going to Get it All Done?

Annie from Annie K Designs is stopping by today to tell us how she's preparing for the upcoming busy season...

I just realized that Labor Day is ALMOST here. It is a scant week and a half away. Where did the year go? Reality hit that the busy holiday season is also ALMOST here. How am I going to get it all done? 

Autumn Placemats, Fall Placemats, Fall Leaves Placemats, Brown Batik Placemats, Polka Dot Placemats
Autumn Placemats

My items are in two stores, Etsy and another online site. I am also booked for 4 major shows. My Etsy shop is pretty full but I would like to add another 50-75 items in the next month. Each store has a separate line of items. There is that day job that gets in the way too!

After panicking for a moment, I printed out calendars and marked each one with the dates of each show. Then I figured out what I wanted to sell, quantity of items, etc. I then counted back the number of weeks to figure out how much had to be sewn each week to make my goal. 

I immediately felt better and relieved. More importantly, I started sewing tonight and was able to accomplish quite a bit. 

Royal Blue and Frog Lined Tote Bag, Green, Polka Dots, Machine Quilted, Beach Bag, Market Bag, Commuter Bag, Frog Lover
Royal Blue and Frog Lined Tote Bag

Many of you have extremely busy shops? How are you preparing for the busy holiday season? Any tips that you care to share? What is your favorite de-stressor?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I'm still on a quest to find new social media outlets. Luckily, one of the team found

and posted it on the team site. Upon further inspection, it looks like a Pinterest but just for Etsy people. Just what we all need, another version of Pinterest. (So much to look at, so little time!)

PinEtsy lets you browse, pin, save, sort and manage Etsy's™ best handmade items through a collection of treasury pin boards. Find, connect, and share all things Etsy™ from the top shop owners from around the globe. Through an endless scroll of handmade inspiration, shoppers can discover an exciting world of creativity offered by a community of talented Artisans. 
PinEtsy is a handmade social platform for both shop owners and buyers to connect. Shop owners can easily promote products being offered on Etsy™ linking directly to their listings. Shoppers, Collectors, and Buyers can easily follow Etsy™ sellers by browsing and creating boards of their favorite items conveniently linking to seller shop listings.

Discover all things handmade! It's fun, Its easy...It's PinEtsy!
What do you think? Have you tried them? Let us know.

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