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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orange You Glad It's January

Orange is my favorite color. And what could be brighter to warm up a winter's day (although, with the way the weather's been lately, I wonder if we really need to warm this winter up any more).

Lets start with some wearables, i.e. hats and scarves. The Newsboy Cap from Bella Starr Hats would top off an outfit nicely. And the super chunky scarf from BunnyBear Designs would be perfect for a chilly day (maybe in February?). The handpainted silk scarf from Muse Silk Paintings would work perfectly in this weather, though.
Next I found earrings. There were so many wonderful orange choices! It was hard to limit it to three (maybe I should just do an orange earrings post?). These by NansGlam, pila12903, and Beach Girl Beads are the perfect pop of color for a sunny shiny day.

I'm always looking for good tote bags, and here are some with pops of orange by Nasila's Knits, Nani Originals, and LeahsHeart.

Finally, I stumbled across some pottery as well as a little dinosaur (from Drella Jones, zebest pottery, and Primitive Pots).
So much orange. So little time.

What's your favorite color? 

This post contributed by Liz of Zizi Rho Designs, who is actually enjoying the unseasonably warm temps and really needs to expand her wardrobe beyond orange. 


  1. These items are beautiful and make me wish I could pull off orange as swimmingly as you do! But I've got some great ideas for your birthday! ;)

  2. Gorgeous creations from the cccoe team! Thanks for the great blog post!!

  3. Hot and wonderful finds. Love them all! What a great way to start the new year featuring such warm creations

  4. I really am begining to like orange. Great color choice and picks!

  5. Orange is a perfect winter pick-me-up!

  6. Nothing rhymes with orange. I guess that makes it unique among all colors.

  7. I love orange! what great finds!

  8. Thanks for featuring my tote. I love orange too, my sewing studio walls are soft orange right now. Your choices here are beautiful and cheerful :)

  9. Beautiful finds!! I love orange, but red is my favorite color - I just love the boldness of it.

  10. Wonderful finds -- as bright as sunshine!


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