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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Meet Kathleen Owner of Vintage Encore
EST. February 2008
Located in Los Angeles, CA

Vintage Encore specializes in one of a kind designs from recycled vintage linens.

Kathleen - Owner, Maker, Curator 
Dress Clothes Pin Bag/ Vintage Day of the Week / Wash on Monday Clothespin BagI have been sewing all my life, and come from 3 generations of seamstresses. I love all things vintage and have been going to flea markets and estate sales for many years. Sewing and "hunting " are THE most fun!

Combining sewing and vintage
I chose the name "Vintage Encore" because my mission is to re purpose the vintage linens, that I have collected over the years, in a new and serviceable way.
I combine them with new fabrics, in my own patterns, to make totes, aprons, clothes pin bags, etc.
Etsy provides another outlet for my one of a kind items, in addition to participation in my local craft shows. It's all good!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


EST. April 2009
Located in Coto de Caza, California

The story of IndyAndCleo . . .
When I was a little girl, a handmade sock monkey was given to me as a gift. I fell in love. ❤
Many decades later, my beloved childhood friend sits, still smiling that sock monkey smile, and I am reminded of all the fun and delight we shared. 
Today my love continues. I have been inspired to follow my bliss, handcrafting my own lovable and quite huggable sock monkeys. Each sock monkey I create is truly a personal work of art, and colorful decorative stitching is part of my very own "signature sock monkey style". I enjoy creatively writing the mini bio for each monkey, which is included on the Adoption Certificate. Really now, who doesn’t love a sock monkey? Here's hoping they will provide a lifetime of hugs and happiness!

My husband John, is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, with an avid interest in fine art, especially oils and watercolors. I have featured some of his art prints (my very personal favorites) here in the shop.
Visit his Etsy shop: and read his About page for details on the new book! Discover even more info at ...this website is seriously outstanding!
By the way, the shop name (IndyAndCleo) is inspired by our love for two of the most loved dogs EVER! . . . Indiana Jones and Cleopatra. ❤ View and purchase their "pawsome" portraits here in the shop!
Of course, IndyAndCleo is filled with many delightful and charming handmade creations, therefore—
❝ All kinds of cool stuff... ❞ 
I hope to make you smile! 
Sock monkey hugs,
~ Mishele

Saturday, August 20, 2016



Vintage toys, photos, postcards, buttons & more

Est. July 2008
Located in Tucson, Arizona

I come from a long line of hoarders, um..ah, I mean, collectors, yeah, that's the ticket, collectors. Collectors & recyclers who love vintage items & have a tough time throwing *good stuff* away. 

My mother still brings me random bits & bobs she finds in thrift shops or on her walks, hoping that I can transform them into some other treasure. Every "thing" still has some kind of useful purpose.

Personally, I'm never going to create everything I dream of making, so I hope to lighten my load so that I can move to Maui. 

I'm parting with collections that have been passed down & items I've acquired to "create" with. 

Perhaps in this lifetime, I'll be free.  Owner Allie

(◕ ᴥ ◕)
O(")‿(")O¸,:•: •*¨¨*•.,¸¸,:•:❀ Vintage goodies, toys, photos & buttons:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Challenge Fourth Week Tallies

We still have a little over a week to go in August. There's still time to join the challenge:
  1. A new listing in your shop (50 points)
  2. Revamp an old listing in your shop (25 points)
  3. Promote others in the challenge on one or more social media platforms (10 points) 
Tag your new or revamped listings on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #CCCOEchallenge. Tag your promotion of others as well. Or post your new listings as a comment on this post. And next week I'll have updated point totals for everyone.

Only one new entry, a promotion post to Twitter:

The point totals as of now:
  • AnnieKDesigns: 150 points
  • IndyAndCleo: 110 points
  • OceanAvenueSilks: 100 points
  • NansGlam: 100 points
  • BeadFashionDesigns: 145 points
  • cserpentDesigns: 50 points 
There's still time to participate. Come on and join us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Carol Christopher Owner ofteenytinyenvelopes 
Est. February 2011
Located in Pleasant Hill, California
I love turning beautiful paper into beautiful envelopes
I started selling teeny tiny envelopes in one of my other shops -- Quirky'nBerkeley. They were so popular, I decided to put them in their own shop. Someday I''m going to count all the teeny tiny envelopes I've made by hand, but I'm guessing it's in the hundreds of thousands.
I really enjoy working with brides, and by far the biggest seller in my shop is custom envelopes that people ask me to make in their wedding colors. They're often used for unique guest books, for guest "advice notes," or for escort cards.

Shop owners also like having envelopes for their customer thank you notes to add a little something special to their packaging.

I offer 40 colors and more than 10 styles of envelopes, including custom sizes, as well as hundreds of patterned envelopes that are ready to ship.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Carol Christopher
Owner, Maker, Designer, Photography, Shipping
My cards are original designs and truly handmade. I add several new ones every month, so check back frequently to see what's new. I have a great deal of fun making them -- especially those that are a little out of the ordinary, and hope you will enjoy browsing through the more than one hundred designs I keep in the shop. Feel free to request a change in color scheme or sentiment on an existing card. 
I enjoy the challenge of custom requests, and take pleasure in working with you to create a card that reflects your personal tastes. With an inventory of thousands of rubber stamps, I am well-equipped to meet the needs of corporate clients as well, and am happy to consider bulk pricing. I also collect hard-to-find stamps for all of life's occasions such as religious events, retirements, anniversaries, and condolences.
Oh, and I also make teenytinyenvelopes for my second Etsy shop. Come and visit Or visit my Facebook page to keep up with new listings, sales, discounts, and shop events. You can visit my Pinterest boards at I also have a de-stash shop at

Quirkyn Berkeley Cards
Selling original handmade greeting cards on Etsy since 2006

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


EST. July 2007
located in Tucson, Arizona

My great aunt instilled a love of vintage in me at a young age. A visit to her house was like a trip to another world. There I reveled in the beautiful jewelry, furniture, linens & photographs that were handed down through a number of generations in our family. Today as I use their silver & china, I find myself wondering about my great great grandmother & her 3 beautiful daughters, Allie, Grace & Louise (my great grandmother). Knowing that my relatives once used these items & that they have survived over 130 years to be part of my everyday life, is something that never fails to astound me.
Allie is the namesake of my jewelry line & I use her picture from the 1880s in the packaging for my button bookmarks. A photo of Allie & Louise from 1881 are used to package my button hairpins. The smiling girl wearing a crooked hat was a young cousin of my great grandfathers & this image of her from the 1900s is my online avatar & tags for my button jewelry.
Allie passed away at the young age of 31 and never had any children. The way her items & image have sparked my creativity is her legacy.
One thing that my family believed about "things" was that they needed to be used in order to be properly appreciated. Let those things bring you joy every day instead of locking them away for special occasions.
Victorian BUTTON earrings,  Wildflowers in red on silver. Antique button jewelry, jewellery.When my great aunt gave me her collection of buttons, they were so lovely that I was inspired to find a way to view these tiny pieces of art more often. Most are too delicate to wash in a modern machine, so wearing them as jewelry occurred to me. Hence, Allie's Antiqued Adornments was born.

This jewelry line evolved as a way to share the romance & craftsmanship of antique buttons as miniature pieces of art. This soon became a treasure hunt to find additional beautiful & unique buttons from around the world.

These century old buttons traveled from England, France, Germany, Bohemia, & old estates of the eastern United States.
Each button is lovingly cleaned to reveal its former glory while keeping some patina. Their original history remains a mystery. The majority are over 100 years old; plastic & modern buttons are not used.
♥ For vintage buttons, postcards, toys, photos & notions visit: