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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

located in Citrus Heights, California


I make rainbow sun catchers because Rainbows Make Me Happy! I hope they will make you happy too as the refraction's dance about your home when the sun hits them and creates gorgeous dancing rainbows! 

Beautiful Magical Dancing Rainbows! Create Rainbows today with your own Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Suncatchers...handmade by Kat.
Making Rainbows Since 2006!

I use 100% top quality Swarovski Crystals to create beautiful crystal rainbow suncatchers! I use the finest supplies I can find to make my suncatchers! 
I am a small business hobbiest and do this for therapeutic reasons and because.... I love Rainbows, the Sun, Moon and Stars and yes even Puffy Fluffy Clouds Make Me Happy! I hope that you will find something you love and know that it is being created with great love and meticulous care just for you!............

My Suncatchers were featured in the 2008 Women's World Magazine.
Sun catchers for your rearview mirrors in your car and homer.

Swarovski Crystals are the finest crystals in the world and the beauty and quality is unmatched. 

Krystal Kat's shop online find me also at:

See my about me page for more places to find me!

Thank you for visiting with me I really appreciate it! 

Have a Sparkly Day Cute People!


 $25.95 Emerald Green Leaf Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher
Emerald Green Leaf Rainbow Crystal Suncatcher

Monday, October 10, 2016

September Challenge Final Scores

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo
September ended 10 days ago, so it's well past time to update the final tallies. For the September Challenge:
Which makes our winner for the month of September Stitches2Stones. Congrats. 

Coming soon, more challenges for the October Promote-a-Thon. Have you joined in?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The October Promote-a-Thon

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo
Welcome to October and the new challenge for the team. This month it's all about promoting our shops as well as the shops of our teammates to have the biggest holiday season we've ever had. 

Wanna join? This month it's dead simple. You can: 

Promote your shop 

On the social media outlet of your choice, show off your shop in any way you wish. Use #CCCOEchallenge so that we can find you. And let us know about your post in the comments here.

Promote teammates items and/or shops 

On the social media outlet of your choice, show off something from a teammate. Or two. Or more. Again, let us know via #CCCOEchallenge, as well as in the comments.

Share and Like 

Don't have time to create your own social media content? Reshare others'. Even likes help teammates gain visibility. Check out the comments here to find what to reshare. Or check out #CCCOEchallenge to find posts on the social media outlet of your choice. 


If you want to play along, let us know in the comments of this post what you've done. 10 points for each original post, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, or any other outlet of your choice. That's 10 points for posts about your shop or any fellow teammate. 

Reposts are worth 5 points. Likes are worth a point. Again, let us know in the comments if you're playing along.

Happy October. And happy promoting (and cross-promoting). 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The September Challenge Week 4

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo

How does your shop look? Are you stocked up?

For the month of September, I'm challenging you to work on filling your shops. And what about those items that have been sitting and not selling for ages? Perhaps it's time to refresh those listings so buyers see them with new eyes.

Another thing you can do to show team spirit is to help promote your fellow CCCOEers. Do you have a large Twitter following? Do you have a blog that needs content? Stuck for things to add to your Facebook timeline? This is a chance to share the spotlight with others who may have items your followers might enjoy.

Don't have the time or energy to come up with things to share on your own? Check out #CCCOEchallenge on your favorite social media platform and reshare or retweet. Even a "like" helps with visibility.

These are the main components of the Challenge. When you complete any, post them in the comments thread of the "September Challenge Entry Post". I'll tally the points weekly. Winner(s) have the option of being featured in a future blog post.

Each week there will be a Special Challenge. As this is the last week of the September Challenge, it's time to look forward to October. October's going to be less of a "challenge" and more of a promote-a-thon. And, of course, the blog is going to need a graphic to go along with this.

For this week's Special Challenge, I'm asking for you to submit a graphic for the October Promote-a-Thon. It'll be featured at the top of each Promote-a-Thon post for the month. Winner will be determined by popular vote. Get your graphic to me by Tuesday, September 27th so that there's time to vote before October. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Points Possible:
  • New listings: 15 points
  • Revamped listings: 10 points
  • Sharing on Facebook (use #CCCOEchallenge): 7 points
  • Sharing in a blog post: 7 points
  • Sharing on Twitter or Instagram (use #CCCOEchallenge): 5 points
  • Resharing from Facebook, retweeting from Twitter, or resharing from Instagram: 2 points
  • Liking #CCCOEchallenge posts: 1 point 
  • This week's Special Challenge: 10 points for entering, 10 more points to the winner
Make sure to leave all entries the comments thread of the "September Challenge Entry Post". We'd love it if you'd join us.

September Challenge Entry Post Week 4

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo

All entries for the September Challenge for the first week (September 22nd - 30th) need to be added to the comments for this post only. (Entries not submitted here have a very good chance of getting missed.)

For a new listing in your shop...

NEW LISTING: [with the link; e.g.]

For a revamped listing...

REVAMPED LISTING: [again with link; e.g.]

For a social media posting... 

SHARED: [with the link; e.g.]

(Note: you can copy the link to a tweet by clicking on "..." at the bottom of the tweet, then "copy link to tweet". For Facebook, click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner, select "embed", and copy that link. For Instagram: click on "..." at the bottom of the post, select "embed", and copy that link.)

For reshares or likes... 

RESHARED: [with number of posts; e.g.] 5
LIKED: [with number of posts; e.g.] 10

For this week's special challenge: Convo me directly so you can send me the image.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Kim Owner of North Pine Vinyl

Est. April 21, 2014
Located in Macdoel, California 

I am a single, stay at home Mom that has been crafting and sewing all of my life. I began crafting as a teen with my mom and sisters and have continued to develop my creativity throughout the years. I enjoy the process of designing a keychain, a wipes container, or the transformation of a baby bib into a unique, keepsake very exciting. I am very involved with 4-H and my love of animals shows through in many of my designs. I offer a wide variety of quality items at affordable prices as well as exceptional customer service. 

Your happiness with shopping at North Pine Vinyl is the primary goal. My shop is unique in the items I offer as well as the personal detail that goes into each order. The details start with the designs and follow all the way through to the pretty packaging that your order arrives in. I hope you enjoy your time in my shop and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Baby Girl Outfit-Newborn Girl Shower Gift Set-Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit-Baby Girl Embroidered Outfit w/ Bib w/ Burp Cloth-Bow Bodysuit

Baby Girl Outfit-Newborn Girl Shower Gift Set-Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit-Baby Girl Embroidered Outfit w/ Bib w/ Burp Cloth-Bow Bodysuit $30.00

Monday, September 19, 2016

September Challenge Second Week Tallies

(c) Mishele of IndyAndCleo

There's still another week and a half to go on the September Challenge. Join us. There's still time.

Go to the Challenge Post to learn what to do to enter. Make sure to post your entries in the Entry Post (so I can find them). If you entered but don't see your points here, make sure your entry was posted as a comment in the Entry Post.

Points (earned through Sunday the 18th):

Monster showing by Stitches2Stones:

Green Turquoise Cairn Necklace | Smooth Stacked Stone Pendant on Dark Brass Chain
Green Turquoise Cairn Necklace by Stitches2Stones

And some of our other entries this week: 

Handknit Lace Shawl Scarf Neckwrap  - Blue and Tan with Crystals
Handknit Lace Shawl by ohmay

Dog Travel Laundry Bag, Dog Themed  Laundry Bag, Dog Lover Vacation Laundry Bag, Pet Lover Drawstring Bag, Dog Drawstring Laundry Bag
Dog Travel Laundry Bag by AnnieKDesigns

And remember, liking and resharing earns points, too. (Make sure to post this in the comments of the Entry Post.)