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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day is May 8th. Have you gotten your mother something special this year?

If not, we're here to help.

Gold Heart Earrings, Mother Daughter Jewelry, Heart Hoops, Love, Bridesmaid Gift
Gold Heart Earrings by NansGlam

Pearl Drop Earrings . Classic Criss Cross Design . Sterling Silver Posts
Pearl Drop Earrings by MalibuJewel

RaesSpirit says: 
Beautiful rosary for the Christian Mother.

White Mother of Pearl Rosary, Holy Communion, Wedding , Baptism,  Mother's Day
White Mother of Pearl Rosary by RaesSpirit

I asked everyone to give a Mother's Day story or a story about their mothers. Here is what they had to say...

Ocean Avenue Silks says: 
I didn't have any great stories to tell, though this is my first mother's day as a grandma (step)!
Here is one of my scarves that comes gift packaged and I can add a personal message on a gift tag.

Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Aqua Blue Spring Floral
Silk Scarf Hand Painted in Aqua Blue Spring Floral by Ocean Avenue Silks

anniekdesigns says: 
My mom had a tough, Depression-era childhood with a father in a sanitarium for tuberculosis. (It really was the olden days!) At the age of 43 she went back to school to become an LPN. She was tops in her class and thoroughly enjoyed her nursing career.

Here's a little relief for those hard working moms!
U Shaped Hot/Cold Pack, Floral Cotton Hot Pack, Microwaveable Hot Pack, Cold Pack, Spa and Relaxation, Handmade by AnnieKDesigns
U Shaped Hot/Cold Pack by anniekdesigns

What are you waiting for? Mother's Day is fast approaching. Don't let it pass you by.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Ideal Customer

Who is your ideal customer?

The ideal customer is an avatar you create to help you target your social media efforts. Who, exactly, are your products made for?

First, sit down and create an ideal customer profile. It's okay if you have more than one. Get specific. If you make jewelry, your ideal customer is likely female. But, how old? Is she married? Does she have kids? What does she like to do on a Friday night? (These profiles should get detailed. You can create your own questionnaire, but there are others you can find online to start with.)

Goldstone Post Earrings, Warm Brown Studs, Chestnut Brown Posts
Goldstone Post Earrings by NansGlam

This is your starting point. Instead of constantly tweeting "buy my stuff", you can tweet things that'll be of interest to your ideal audience. Spur engagement. Create fans.

When you know who your ideal customer is, you'll know where to target your efforts. If your ideal customer is a teen you'll want to minimize your Facebook time (most teens consider Facebook to be for "old" people) and spend your time on Instagram or Snapchat. If your ideal customer is a mother in her 30s, you'll want to maximize your Facebook and Pinterest time.

Polymer Clay Jewelry Pendant Necklace - Steampunk Pendant - Boho Necklace - Rustic Necklace - Artisan Handmade - Geometric Jewelry -
Steampunk Pendant by Bobbles By Carol

And now you'll also know what sorts of things to post. Is your ideal customer a reality TV fan? Perhaps you can post a reaction to the latest episode. If your ideal customer likes to know how things are made, you could create a YouTube video showing your process. When you run across articles of pictures that you know your ideal customer would like, add them to your various feeds.

It may seem like a lot of effort, but targeting who you're spending your time trying to reach will save you time in the end. It'll give your social media presence a purpose. No more scattershot posts.

Who is your ideal customer?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Oh So Blue

The sky was such a brilliant shade of blue yesterday, I couldn't resist searching for blue items. Of course, the first things that came up were jewelry...

Station Necklace//Blue Necklace//Gemstone Choker//Station Choker//Ippolita Style//Birthstone Necklace
Station Necklace by The Liquid Stone

First a necklace, then a stunning wire wrapped bracelet... 

Wire Wrapped Peacock Sea Glass Bead Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Peacock Sea Glass Bead Bracelet by Blue Licorice

And finally a watch with a beaded (in blue) band... 

Silver Watch with Blue Beads Jewelry W029
Silver Watch with Blue Beads by Watches by Helen

In my city (Long Beach), we have a plastic bag ban in effect, so we all need reusable bags for our shopping. Here's a nice wide one, and it's in the blue theme... 

washable large Grocery bag, eco-friendly marketing shopping reusable teal aqua blue leaves
Washable Large Grocery Bag by Leah's Heart

And I couldn't resist the book "safe" with the blue cover (Peter Pan)... 

Hollow Book Safe - Peter Pan - Blue Leather Bound
Hollow Book Safe - Peter Pan by Hollow Books by Refined Pallet

Next, a vintage item. An embroidered tablecloth. My family used to have something like this. I wonder if everyone's did? 

Vintage Blue Work Tablecloth / Rectangle
Vintage Blue Work Tablecloth by Vintage Encore

Finally, a crocheted shawl with many different shades of blue... 

Free Form Crocheted Shoulder Wrap, Woman's 3d Free Form Mini Shawl, Multi Color Aqua Teal Blue, Woman's Wearable Art Wrap
Free Form Crocheted Shoulder Wrap by Suzanne Sullivan

How are the skies where you live today?