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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Opals or Tourmalines - October Birthstones

If you were born in October, lucky you! Your birthstones are tourmalines and opals, awesomely gorgeous gemstones! Here is a small sample of October birthstone jewelry from our CCCOE mates:

From Emayuka, I found these earrings with watermelon tourmaline slices. Aren't they fab? 

But, just in case you'd rather have opals, here is a delish opal necklace with dangling labradorites on a sterling silver chain from JewelryBySonjaBlume

How about a necklace with tourmalines? 
Here's one from DistinqueJewelry. Beautiful!!!

What? Wow! A four finger opal ring from NINOTCHKAgoods. How original is that? 

Love, love, love these earrings by SurfAndSand. Check out how many tourmalines are in these earrings. Ninety-six!

I love pink opals, so I couldn't leave out BellaBeadsOriginals' necklace. Had to include pinkness!

There were so many beauties from our major talented team. It was so hard to choose, but that's how life works, gotta make choices. I'm happy with the ones I've just made!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Finds

In my monthly quest to highlight CCCOE shops that you might not have noticed, I stumbled across some interesting jewelry finds.  

Bobbie pins in orange? Oooh...

Hot like Fire Bobbies by Ronies

And this is very hippie/bohemian.

2 in 1 Head Chain by Brielle Belle

What a great pale bracelet. I'm sure this would go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

4 Wrap Moonstone Bracelet by Plumdragon Products

I've seen the feather earrings, so why not a feathered anklet?

Bohemian Style Anklet by Lost Coast Arts

And these long, slender earrings are such a lovely shade of pink.

Pink Chalcedony Rose Gold Earrings by jewelryNgemstones

The geek in me loves the octopus in space.

Space Octopus Necklace by Little Smarty Pantz

Since my medium is fiber, I am awed by those that make things from metal.

Turquoise Mixed Metal Necklace by Copper Tree Art
Make sure to check out these shops. The links in the captions take you to the shops while the pics will link you directly to these items. Happy shopping.

This post was contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. Happy September.