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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Celebrating Cyber Monday

I hope y’all got your fill of delicious turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing – now it’s time for mental and physical recovery as you face the (sometimes daunting) holiday shopping season!  Woo hoo!

...and time to start shopping!
This is my first December in the handmade/small business community, and frankly, I’m thrilled.  It’s not just because I get to offer my own wares to holiday shoppers, either; I’ve already crossed off a good number of gifts on my list thanks to Etsy.  Most of it has been accomplished this weekend, too—Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday have proven excellent shopping opportunities for holiday gift-givers. 

Next up?  Cyber Monday.

Quite a few wonderful CCCOE members are offering some fantastic deals for Cyber Monday shoppers, so I’ve scoured our sweet little community to find some of the best bets for honing in on the gifts you still need to snatch before pesky shipping deadlines are upon us.

Free shipping from BrookeJewelry
For the Ladies
I’m a big believer that any modern, self-respecting, fashion-forward woman can really never have enough of three things: shoes, handbags, and jewelry.  I’ve always had a relatively easy time shopping for the women in my life (mom, cousins, aunts, friends) because I am crazy about jewelry and think that this has the potential to be unique and personalized gift with broad appeal.  Some of my favorite pieces include Sora Designs’ understated, timeless, and oh-so-lovely circle necklaces, Brooke’s gorgeous half-moon earrings,  Roscata’s almost-good-enough-to-eat 10% off baubles,  and Penumbra Images’ 20% off sale photo brooches.

20% off with coupon code "THANKS20"
For the One Who Has Everything
I’ll be so bold as to virtually guarantee that your hard-to-shop-for friend doesn’t have handmade bacon beverage wraps OR coasters resembling slabs of raw meat.  Enough said.  Also a great option for White Elephant fun at the office holiday party.

For the Bride-to-Be
My good friend got engaged a few months ago and is up to her eyeballs in wedding planning.  One of her favorite fashion and home d├ęcor themes is black-and-white damask, and these bridesmaid clutches from ocstylescreations would make her a super-happy bride-to-be!  Cross her off your list and let HER cross something off of her own wedding prep list!  Not that close a friend with said bride?  Buy the single version as a more personal (and affordable) gift.

Rad wallets for guys (and gals) for 15% off
For MEN.
Circle back to bacon beverage wraps and carnivore coasters mentioned above.  Other great options: rad art prints, wallets and money clips, like a super-sexy, 15% off Kansas City Chiefs wallet that would make my dad swoon, and stuff to make him smell good.

15% off at JPaveyDesigns
For your non-So-Cal friends
For those of us lucky enough to bask in the eternal sunshine of Southern California, scarves are really more of a fashion statement than a survival necessity.  But for our friends to the north (and east), these wonderful accessories are actually quite useful for battling the coldest winter days.  Show how thoughtful you really are with my top pick for one of the best no-brainer gifts for pretty much anyone and everyone in your life.  I recommend starting your search with this lovely number – a gorgeous hand-knitted, one-of-a-kind infinity scarf (wrap it twice and you’ve given the gift that doubles as a cowl) in a unique and completely obsession-worthy shade of wintry green.  Throw in a 15% off discount and you’re all set to share the gift of warmth in a way considerably more practical than treating your entire posse to a weekend in 80-degrees-in-November Los Angeles.
Great scarf option for dudes, too!

Okay, guys, I can’t be a TOTAL hand-holder, so you’ll have to get down to business with some creativity and determination to get that holiday shopping done – just make that list NOW so you can take advantage of ALL the great Cyber Monday deals that fellow CCCOE members have to offer.  Enjoy!

{sales + links} in order of CCCOE discount awesomeness :: add your shop promos in "comments" if you don't see them listed here!

10% off at Heart and Handmade

Happy holiday shopping, everyone! CCCOE team member and contributor Emily Reiter lives in Los Angeles, California and has two shops on Etsy: Anna Delores Photography and Luccichio & Co. jewelry and paper crafts. I'll be back on the CCCOE blog on December 27 (hopefully for a showcase of amazing post-holiday sales!) but in the meantime you can also visit me on my own blog ::

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Giftlets for Kidlets

Can you believe it's almost that time of year again? If you're looking for something sweet to tuck away into stockings and countdown calendars this year besides candy, take a peek at these delightful little giftlets, all of which are made by CCCOE members:
For more countdown calendar tips, & general bloggy girly-girl goodness, visit me at: PuppyLovePreschool "Land of Little, Lovely Delightfullish Things"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Treasury Challenge #3 Such A Great Turn Out

The theme: Woodland, Forest, Nature

The ending of October found the California Crafters Club of Etsy Team closing up Treasury Challenge #3 with the theme: Woodland, Forest, Nature with such a great turnout. There was such a wide arrange of gorgeous Treasuries submitted for the running, making it very difficult to decide on just one however Curator Lisa Carpenter, owner of NouveauTique should be proud to take the title as winner for this challenge with her Treasury entry called “They Got Lost Along the Way”.

Lisa comes to CCCOE as an artisan of Modern Vintage Jewelry, Art and Gifts creating unique, one of a kind pieces by deconstructing vintage jewelry and using parts to reconstruct her new creative pieces. Here are a few gorgeous tid bits of what she has to offer

An elegant Vintage Rose Locket Necklace

Classy vintage inspired Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

Runners up also entered some very nice Earthy and Bold Treasuries also. PuppyLovePrincess’s ”I Believe In Forest Fairies” features beautiful hues of blues and browns in a swirl of wonderful earthyness. Is that a word? Hahaha and OldeTymeNotions’ bold “Peacock jewel tones in my garden” features blasts of indigo, fushia and teals dancing and enticing you like natures peacock tail. What a great job everyone!

Now that October has come and gone “Let’s Welcome November” which by the way, is the theme for our newest challenge…Treasury Challenge #4! Check out the official entry thread to get all the juicy details and submit your creative fresh new treasuries to be in the running by noon Thursday November 10th and don’t forget to include your current Challenge #3 Winner NouveauTique along with 4 other CCCOE members, at least 1 new member and finally and most importantly entries must use the TAG “3coe4” so that we can all find your treasury when voting for the next winner.

Good luck to everyone and have a wonderfully creative week!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ponchos and Wraps and Mittens (oh my!)

In this part of California (southern), the weather just turned chilly, and the forecast says it's going to be chilly for at least the next week. So, I started looking for stuff to keep me warm.

A poncho is perfect to throw over whatever you are wearing. There are so many different ones to choose from...

Like these by SECRETango, Murielle Knitwear, and Nasila's Knits. I'm partial to the orange one, but then again, I'm always partial to anything orange.

If a poncho is too much, a wrap is just as nice. You can get them loose or tight...

Like these by JPaveyDesigns and Naughty Monkeys. These'll help to keep the chill off.

Of course, ponchos and wraps don't cover your arms or hands, but there's a solution for that...  

Fingerless gloves and mittens from Nikifashion, EfiaFair, and Bluebirds and Blossoms. They have to be fingerless, or else you won't be able to text.

This post was contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs who actually might need to turn on the heat. And break out her ponchos and wraps and fingerless mittens. Reminder: all pictures link back to the item on Etsy. Keep warm.