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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Gemini!

Born May 21 thru June 21, Geminis are represented by the twins. They are communicators, storytellers and youthful.

The Girl with the Purple Beret by soradesigns

Geminis love freedom in life and love to live on their own terms. Rules and restrictions do not go down well with Geminis.

Beach Bliss one 8x8 fine art photography by photopia Even though Geminis can be indecisive, they are communication kings and queens. They can talk and argue their point across until you agree with them. They know what to say to get what they want. The Queens Crown Soldered Glass Pendent by DesignsbyTami Flirts by nature, Geminis are very charming. They love to explore new places and meet new people. Blue and yellow are great colors for Gemini. Yellow Flower Necklace with Blue Beads by TAKCreations
Quick learning Geminis are very artistic. They are often musical as well.

Gourd Folk Art Flower Painting by LindaKellyArt

Zip Pouch Cassette Tape Print by Stitchuation

Famous Geminis include Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, John F. Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Walt Whitman and Paul McCarthy

5th in our series of Astrological signs by SophienMe

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do we define our world, or does our world define us? I have to say that I've made some things for my Etsy store that I'm sure I would never had thought of making. Robots, foxes, mustaches, owls, narwhals - all things that were never in my repetoire prior to discovering Etsy, and all popular themes on Etsy. I really LIKE foxes and owl, and I don't think I've been even been with a man that didn't have a mustache, but would I have thought of making them if it wasn't for Etsy? Did Etsy make them popular or are they popular despite Etsy? I just recently bought a pair of fingerless gloves - an item that had never before entered my mind as something I should own until I saw them on Etsy (they're actually quite handy). Still, Etsy tends to have a great influence on us creative types, especially if we are business people as well as makers and like to sell as much as we like to create. Here are some great examples of the themes that are popular on Etsy, with buyers and sellers alike. What I love most about the handmade pieces is that the creator has taken a common theme, put their artistic stamp on it and made it their own. Personalized Bike Stationery by SweetPerversion
Mustachioed Thank You card by Gigglesapu Vintage Owl Magnifying Glass by Soradesigns
Beige Cowl by Phydeaux
Octopus Thank you Card by PupandPony
Blog post by Felicia of MaidofClay Ceramics. This blog features members of the CCCOE, please post to Twitter and Facebook and help promote your fellow members and the team in general. Thanks!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Going to the Strawberry Festival!!

Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Garcia, also known as Etsy shop owner, GwendolynForever. As most Californians know it is that time of year again... spring time faires, music fests, and best of all, Strawberry Festivals! Celebrated all over the state, from Southern to Northern California. These festivals usually take place in coastal cities and towns that are heavily involved with growing and harvesting, and are ecologically and geographically suited with the ideal growing conditions for these most delicious of berries. Strawberries are Beautiful! Pretty, ruby red fruits that are the perfect combination of sweet, juicy, and tangy, and whose image always seems to bring to mind a wholesome yet sassy, all-American way of life. Strawberries are California's seventh most valuable fruit crop. Approximately 12% of California's strawberry crops are exported to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Japan.
The following items were found using the keywords, "CCCOE Team", "Strawberry", and "Red". Please click on the images and links to see the featured shops in more detail... Enjoy! Getting Dolled Up for the Strawberry Festival: Most Strawberry Festivals have a myriad of things to do. You can listen to live music from local bands, enjoy delicious food from your favorite local vendors, partake in Strawberry themed desserts and beverages, and enjoy the spectacle of child-friendly arts and crafts, clothe and jewelry vendors, art shows, and people watching. But before you do, you'll want to doll yourself up it bit- its always more fun to be the belle of the Strawberry Festival! 1950's Rockabilly Swing Dress by LuckyZelda This amazing swing dress was made with a vintage inspired pattern and vintage floral fabric. This dress is fun, feminine, and one-of-a-kind! Stroll around the festival in style, turn heads, and have a jolly good time! Love it! Sassy Red Satin Jewel Clutch by LaurenSharon This clutch is way too pretty! I just adore the beautiful red color, clean lines, and ultra feminine jewel detail of this vintage clutch. Just the perfect size to carry around the essentials. Also comes with a calling card from the original owner! Deep Red Siam Crystal Drop Earrings by LoveYourBling Deep red crystal drop earrings made from vintage Swarovski crystals add a bit enchantment, depth, and glamour to your look! Sweet & Juicy Strawberry Lip Balm by PacificParadiseSoaps Made from high quality oils and butters, strawberry flavor, and stevia this lip balm is a cherry bomb! Sweet, flavorful, glossy lips! What could be better? For the Children: Strawberry Festivals are a lot of fun for kids. They usually have lots of arts and crafts tables, carnival rides, face-painting, and fun toys that you can only find at festivals. I always let my kids get all dressed up for fun when we go to the Strawberry Festival. Strawberry Fields Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers by gigglesapu This time of year is always a little bit gusty with spring breezes. What a fun way to make the most of our breezy California spring! Ladybug Girl Costume by tiarastutus Festival time is definitely a time for whimsy and imagination. I have found memories of rollerskating through the festival with my face painted and a crown of glitter and ribbons streaming down my back! So fun! Handmade Retro Ruffled Sun Suit by MimisDressShop Is this not the cutest little sun suit ever?! O my goodness! Won't your little princess be a sweet little strawberry queen with this sun suit on! Let's not forget the charming accessories! Strawberry Patch Headband by roscata A beautiful headband made with hand-formed polymer clay decorations! A work of art! Strawberries Flower Loops by lilprincessbow Two hair bows made with love! Too pretty! Strawberry Hat with Stem by mylittlecritterz Adorable! I want one, too! Finally, the Vendors! Even if your pocket book is slim it is always fun to look at the wares of all the vendors. There is always so much to see! Strawberries Cross Stitch by stitchinmommy Simply lovely! Strawberries and Cream Swirl Bangle by cigarboxbeads Wow! Stunning! Patchwork Valentine Suncatcher by crowsfolly Pretty! Spring Time Flower Mosaic by BlackCatBazaar There's even a little clock in the center! Neat! The End! I hope you have enjoyed our day out at the Strawberry Festival! Until next month!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 9th installment of the Spotlight series by Sophie n Me.
Today we are meeting....
1. Your name and name of your shop(s)?
I'm Michelley QueenofQueens.
My etsy shop bears the incredibly creative name "queenofqueens". 2. Day or night job if you have one.
Like most artists I've worked a wide variety of day and night jobs. Currently I'm lucky enough to work solely in the field of visual art. I paint, make wacked out art doodads and - I tattoo. I don't enjoy hurting people for money, but they keep asking me to do it so how can I refuse? Seriously though, I actually love helping people manifest the visions they have of themselves. It's the only collaborative work I do. Its incredibly gratifying to permanently imbue a person's body with art they get to keep forever. Handpainted Teapot Lonely Hearts & Shrinking Violets 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop?
Nothing gives me a bigger brain boner than nature's infinite diversity and beauty. I've also been deeply influenced by early Warner Bros cartoons, Low budget horror movies, Watership Down, Angela Carter, Beatrix Potter, Madeline L'engle and the American Revolutionary War. Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print Fancy Frosted Cupcake 4. What was your favorite vacation as a child?
I mostly took vacations of my own imagining when I was small. I liked to think of our backyard raspberry patch as a jungle. I imagined the daffodil bed as a fairy kingdom and the woods behind my best friend Veronica's house were a place of deep mystery and intrigue. This is probably the impression most grade school kids have during daytime explorations of woods inhabited by teenagers at night. Necklace Sweet and Charming Retro Sparrows 5. What did you have for dinner today?
Spaghetti! 6. Finish this sentence "If I had all the time in the world...."
I'd see as much of the world as possible, down to the infinitesimal details. I'd spend hours scouring all its dark corners, unearthing hidden treasures to share in show and tell with those I love. Think of all the mogwai, mermaids and jackalopes I'd find! Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print What Makes Us Different Makes Us Special 7. Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?
If I really have to choose, I'd say Stephen Colbert. 8. What makes you smile?
Absurdity. And baby animals. Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print Some Bunnys Gonna Pay 9. What don't people know about you?
In middle school, I once inhaled helium at a 4-H fair where my friend Janice and I were selling balloons. We'd inhale then ask passersby in cartoonishly high voices if they wanted to buy our wares. It was our marketing gimmick. It didn't raise our revenue but we got a stockpile of weird looks and nervous smiles from the adults passing by. So worth it. 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy?
If I'm curating a treasury for one of my teams (I'm the Captain of the Etsy Queer Team and I'm also on the Etsy Ugly Cute Team as well as CCCOE) I can truly enter an etsy worm hole and not emerge for hours. Seriously, shopping on etsy is like walking through the back of C.S. Lewis' wardrobe, time just flies when you're surrounded by so much magickal deliciousness.

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 8th installment of the Spotlight Series by Sophie n Me.
Today we are meeting....
1. Your First name and name of your shop(s)? Heather, Pretty Paris
2. Day or night job if you have one. I have a day to night and day again job! I have 5 year old twins ;)

I Do Me Too Vintage Wedding Fork Set

3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop? I love the garden! I love to dig in the dirt, plant stuff, and watch it (hopefully) grow. Love nature and being in it. That is where I find my inspiration.

Herb Garden Vintage Spoon Marker

4. What was your favorite halloween costume as a child? Wonder Woman!

5. What did you have for dinner today? Oh...this is weird. Peanut butter toast, hardboiled egg, and won ton soup?!

6. Finish this sentence "It was a dark and stormy night...." ...and I was in the garage hammering away the days frustrations on some spoons and forks!

We Are All Mad Here Vintage Spoon Flatware Garden Marker

7. Jay Leno or David Letterman?
David Lettterrrrmannnnn
8. What makes you giggle? My kids trying to tell jokes. At 5 they just don't get what is funny yet. Or maybe they do?! After makes me giggle every time.
9. What don't people know about you? I like to sing. Unfortunately I am awful. ahhh well 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy? Not many during the day...but I find myself up VERY late at night with the "pounce" feature looking at all the shops and the treasures they hold!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Springtime Bouquet

My favorite part of spring is the abundance of flowers blooming everywhere. Bright colors in every direction happen to brighten my day. Vintage Floral Clutch Wallet by petals This elegant clutch is one of my favorites, not only does it have a delightful flower pattern that reminds me of the garden by my house but the details carry the concept further, I love the lace and the corduroy flower on the front! Fresh Zucchini Flower Mineral Bath Salts by PacificParadiseSoap Regardless of how warm it is outside I will take a bath; there is nothing more relaxing after a hard day than a soak in the tub which is filled with an amazing scent. This is next on my list, I cannot wait to check out what the Zucchini Flower smells like! Crisp White Phalaenopsis Orchid Stem by paperNplastic Although you do not see too many outside I had to include this paper orchid stem as orchids are by far my favorite flowers. This bouquet makes you look's stunning. Golden Multi Floral Ring – Adjustable by estudiomartita I love the bouquet that appears on this ring, everything about it brings back fond memories of my grandmother. She was an avid collector of unique jewelry pieces. If she were still with us today I would most likely be picking up this piece for her collection! Hand Painted Wine Glasses Set of Two Purple Passion Flower by DistinctiveColorArt These glasses just scream springtime flowers. They are ready for the back porch; filled with a delicious Chardonnay from Sonoma county they are perfect for watching the sunset on another lovely California day. Orange Flower Beadweave Sterling Silver Earrings by AnKaLi These earrings were made in time for spring and were 100% inspired by the blooming flowers outside my window. The author, Carrie of AnKaLi Designs is a resident of South Pasadena, CA. She enjoys bead weaving, jewelry design, photography, skydiving, and spending time in the California sun.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Reserved listing for me from my little guy.
It's the best day of the year for us Moms (no cooking, hooray!), and the best handmade gift I could ever ask for came from my 7-year-old son. He made me about a hundred massage coupons. He always worms out of the deal when I try to cash in but I love the coupons (and him) anyway. I could also go for some--or all--of the items below, made by our awesomely creative CCCOErs. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!