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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Field Guide to the Birds of Etsy

Recently an anthropologist wrote that he believed our human ancestors were hunted by birds. If that doesn't give you ornithophobia, I don't know what will! Just two months ago I was eating a sandwich on a bench by the beach and a very bold seagull flew by and pecked part of the sandwich right out of my hand. I'm pretty sure it was going for my eyes, Hitchcock-style. If you suffer from ornithophobia, the fear of birds, then maybe Etsy is not the place for you. Bird imagery abounds on Etsy's pages in all mediums from paper to iron. It is a bird lovers paradise. Bird imagery has had a place in our consciousness since time immemorial, and has been used as a symbol to represent peace, love, death, rebirth, courage, and has even been used to represent the human soul. All cultures have folktales and superstitions about birds - good omens, bad omens, what have you, the bird features in all of them. Well, you know what they say - there's no such thing as bad publicity.

* CCCOEr SandySimone sent me this hilarious skit from the show "Portlandia" called "Put a bird on it". It looks like it might have been produced by Etsy.

If you want a good laugh along with a liberal dose of beautiful birds, head over to the Mincingmockingbird's shop. I guarantee giggles with each description.
If all my handmade soaps were as cute as this one I would be a dirty girl, because I wouldn't want to use it, just frame it. From Masoncj
There's a whole aviary of wonderful birdies at EvelynX's shop.
It's hard enough to get a photo of a hummingbird on any given day, they move so gosh darn fast, but to actually capture a photo of a hummingbird's patootie? I bow down to you,
NatureVisions. You are quick on the draw.
The Quetzal plays a large part in MesoAmerican mythologies. It is said he is the king of all birds. I'd say this pendant carries with it some awesome juju. From Tresijas

Localcolorist makes these lovely origami peace cranes. She evens offers the opportunity to have them out of your own love letters, photocopies of photos, or anything that has meaning to you.

Tweet this, Facebook it, pass it along. Let the world know about the CCCOE and its wonderful sellers of vintage, supplies and handmade. Blog post by Felicia of Maid of Clay Ceramics on Etsy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

california remembers... JAPAN

Sage Massage Oil "Percentages from all my sales, up to $100 and possibly more are being donated to ShelterBox: Disaster Relief in Japan. May Japan find the strength and courage to carry on, learn, change for the better of all humanity, and may all of humanity find the love and the faith to support Japan in this time of great hardship." GwendolynForever
I Heart Apple Jacket Handamade
Meltdown We Have It Under Control CARD "As life imitated my art I have decided to donate 100% of the purchase of this card to the Red Cross for Japan Relief." Jared Blair Sorci
Black and White Canvas Diaper Tote "100% will be donated to The American Red Cross for Japan Disaster Relief." nani originals
Plum Tree Blossom Photo "100% of the proceeds of this photo will go to help the earthquake/tsunami relief efforts in Japan. Donations will be made through Doctors Without Borders set up through the Etsy Team Artist Aid. Donation confirmation will be e-mailed to the buyer." Nature Visions
Over-Sized Cowls/Five Knitting Patterns "Help support earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan: I will donate 50% of your purchase price ($10 of the $20 price!) to either Medicins San Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders or the American Red Cross. If you prefer one organization, please let me know in the message to seller on checkout. Thank you for your desperately needed help!" phydeaux designs
Caring For Japan Gift Tags "~These pretty tags were created to help with disaster relief efforts in Japan after the horrible earthquake and tsunami. ~100% of sales from these gift tags will be donated to the American Red Cross" pretty petals paper
What Makes Us Different Makes Us Special Giclee Print "Starting today through June 20th I will be donating 10% of my etsy shop's profits to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support!" queen of queens
Earth Face Scrub "All proceeds from the sale of my old label products will go to the American Red Cross's relief effort for the people of Japan during their time of need. To donate directly to the American Red Cross here is the link to the effort in Japan." Ritual Bath
Art Deco Women Glass Tile Pendants "Half of the price from the sale of these pendants will go to aid the Japanese." RobbieBy
Tiny Wishbone Necklace "From 3/17 to 3/25, if you purchase either the life size bronze or antique silver wishbone necklaces or the tiny wishbone necklaces, 100% of the profits from these 3 items will go to Direct Relief International." sora designs
Roma Reflection Fine Art Metallic Print "* JAPAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF * Through April 30th, 100% of net proceeds from my shop sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to aid victims of the massive disasters in Japan. Any and all purchases qualify. Thank you." studio cvh
Green Amethyst Earrings "50% of this sale goes to Red Cross to benefit the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims." Veraida Gifts
Stamped Penny From Heaven Necklace "*** $5.00 from the sale of this item will be donated to World Vision in effort to spread Relief for Japan! *** " Wired Whimsy
TAMMY Pouch "♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE JAPAN ♥ ♥ ♥ I am a lover of all things Japanese and would like to use my knitting skills & my Etsy shop to help raise donations after the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami. I am currently working on a LOVE JAPAN collection and will donate 100% of the proceeds from those items to rescue efforts in Japan. For all other items in my shop (including this one), I will donate 50% of the proceeds to Global Giving's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. You will receive a confirmation of your donation with your new pouch or purse." Superstylin Krisa

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Aries!

Born March 20 thru April 21, Aries is the first of the zodiac signs. Represented by the Ram, an animal of great courage, Arians are very independent, assertive, outspoken and brave. Aries Handmade Necklace by Aubepine
Such characteristics make Aries a natural leader. They tend to believe in working hard to achieve success. They will tackle many different tasks with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Business Card Holder by BagelCreations

Arians love to be spontaneous and enjoy adventure. They have many friends, but do not like to wait for or follow others.

The Little Sharpshooter Matte Print by solocosmo

Impatient and impulsive are two other characteristics of an Aries born. Their assertiveness tends to lead people to think that they are bossy.

BITCH An Ebellished Domino by TheJuciyPeach

Famous Arians include Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Maya Angelou, Eric Clapton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Diana Ross, Harry Houdini.

3rd in our series of Astrological signs by Sophie n Me

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 6th installment of the Spotlight series from Sophie n Me.
Today we are meeting... 1. Your First name and name of your shop? JoAnne - Crazyartdolls 2. Day or night job if you have one. Retired 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop? My ideas come from many different things, maybe a word, picture, conversation, being outside, so I now started to write thoughts down, I try to see an idea in almost anything, especially if I've been to a place that I have never been before like Japan.
3 Aqua Turquoise Taffeta w/Japanese Blossom Print Bobby Pins 4. What was your favorite pet as a child? Dog, but I actually a Cat person. 5. What did you have for breakfast today? Coffee Summer Gold Orange Handmade Silk Flowers Bib Necklace
6. Finish this sentence "If I could...." I would love to study under a master craftsman to learn how to build I could incorporate my artwork. 7. Family Guy or The Simpsons? Both, but I think my fav is Family Guy 8. What makes you laugh out loud? Anything funny, especially all of Seth McFarland Shows, Mel Brooks Movies Red Chirimen Crepe Kanzashi Fancy Haircomb

4 White Handmade Kanzashi Flower Hair Pins

9. What don't people know about you? My 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy? Depends maybe about 1-2 hours a day depending on the day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 5th installment of the Spotlight series from Sophie n Me.
Today we are spotlighting....
1.Your name and name of your shop(s)? My name is Julee Ahlman and my shop name is “Surf and Sand
2. Day or night job if you have one. I have a full-time job at Kaiser Permanente as an optician, which means I try to create and take photos in the evenings. 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop? I lived in Hawaii for almost 20 years and I love the ocean and bright tropical flowers. I’m obsessed with bright colors!
Turquoise Blue Chalcedony & Labradorite Earrings
4. What was your favorite book as a child? “The Island of the Blue Dolphins” by Scott O’Dell. Hmmm....I may want to read it again. I haven't thought about that book for a long time!
5. What did you have for breakfast today? Cottage cheese, ½ of a bagel and 2 clementines. But that's only because it's Saturday. I usually have string cheese, while I'm driving to work. Stormy Seas Necklace 6. Finish this sentence "Once upon a time...." There was a woman named Julee, that won the lottery and moved with all her family and friends to French Polynesia. She lived happily ever after. Glass and Seashell Bracelet

Amethyst Onyx and Apatite Earrings - The Proud Peacock

7. Friends or Seinfeld? Seinfeld! T.V. just isn’t the same! 8. What makes you giggle like a child? Spending time with my friend of 40 years (Yikes! I’m getting old) As soon as we’re together, I’m suddenly an adolescent. Her husband just shakes his head, when he watches us together. Pink Chalcedony Earrings 9. What don't people know about you? I took accordion lessons as a child. But please don’t ask me to play now. 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy? More then I’m willing to admit!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bohemian Springtime

It’s springtime in California! It’s the time of year that I bring out my favorite dresses and pull together a look that always ends up looking a little boho-chic. I thought it would be fun to go through our CCCOE team and create an outfit that speaks to me. Whether it is a trip to Mission Street or Venice Beach; this is the look that I want to wear. First I needed something to wear. I chose this dress by MurielleKnitwear Light and airy it is everything I love about spring fashion. This dress allows you to let go of all the heavy things you have been wearing and be free. For me the best part of spring is it is time to break out the sandals again. This spring the wedge is back in full force and this vintage pair from KMalinka are perfect. The heaviness of the wedge balances nicely with the soft delicate edge of the dress. Now that we have the dress and the shoes, we need some accessories to complete the outfit. A bright and colorful necklace will add a pop to the neutrals already being worn. I would spend hours trying to decide between these two from AnKaLi The first necklace is great because it features a variety of colors, which remind me of spring. This necklace brings lightness yet boldness whereas the second necklace is heavier and chunkier; it would add a completely different look to the style. For a purse I have chosen another lively pattern that will pop against the neutral base of this outfit. It also incorporates colors that are found in both necklaces. I love this bag by handsfullcreations Finally it’s time to add the final touch. It’s spring, which means that the sun is out. That means a great pair of sunglasses are needed to make this outfit appropriate for going outside. This 70s vintage pair is by classicsunglasses I hope these items have inspired you to go out and put together similar ideas in your style from CCCOE team members. Happy Spring! The author, Carrie of AnKaLi Designs is a resident of South Pasadena, CA. She enjoys bead weaving, jewelry design, photography, skydiving, and spending time in the California sun.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 4th edition of the Spotlight series by Sophie n Me. Today we are spotlighting... 1. Your name and name of your shop(s)? i'm Vel, and my shop's name is milkwood edition. 2. Day or night job if you have one. i'm a writer. 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop? my inspiration comes mainly from my travels to the arctic and the tropics. i've lived in the florida swamps for some years and have traveled the caribbean, which is where the ideas for my tropical designs come from. and then i've always felt drawn to the arctic. i can spend hours looking at maps of the ice or planning a travel route for my next trip north. my dream is to make it to the northwest passage some day. Great White Heron & Southern Swamp Card
4. What was your favorite candy as a child? since i grew up in europe, i have to say milka: no fluff added, it's the perfect milk chocolate. 5. What did you have for dinner today? i'm in the mood for a warm salad tonight. Tundra Swan Hand Cut Window Hanging
6. Finish this sentence "If I could fly I would...." if i could fly i would! first to northern canada, then to the south pacific. and hopefully collect lots of material for the next designs.
7. Jerry Springer or Oprah? i drove by oprah's former south florida mansion many times and am impressed with all her projects that evolve around the letter O. Moleskin Linocut Journal Arctic Fox
8. What makes you smile? my ferret sonora. ferrets are hard to capture, mine's always squirming around stealing my eraser or pencils. she's actually quite organized and keeps all her treasures in different places, depending on size and color. ferrets impress me cause they're so small and yet so fearless, sonora will easily scare away a grown golden retriever, or hiss at my neighbor's cat. i have yet to do a ferret design. i'm thinking it should probably be a ferret ouroboros.
9. What don't people know about you? before i do a design, i do extensive research about the animal or landscape i'm trying to capture. i start out with a fairly complex design and then try to break it down in several steps, until i arrive at the final design which ideally portrays the creature in as few cuts as possible. 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy? one or two days a week sure get lost on etsy. at least.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 3rd installment of the Spotlight series from Sophie n Me. Today we are spotlighting..... 1. Your First name and name of your shop(s)? Jodi, JPantuck, One of A Kind 2. Day or night job if you have one. I'm a full time Mommy (and an accountant during tax season). 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop? I like to add a new twist to and old idea. For example, I designed a piece using a vintage locket with black and white photos inside onto a long gold chain piece with modern accents, like Swarvoski crystal and gold charms. One of my favorite pastimes is to seek out unusual objects and give them new life by re-purposing them.

Delicate Black on Black Pearls

Lovers Sterling and Brass Necklace

Sometimes I'm just attracted to colors or textures. For example, I love cream pearls with brown leather. The pearls are classic but combined with the leather makes it modern. Neutral Suede with Pearls 4. What was your favorite cartoon character as a child? I liked Sesame Street better than cartoons as a child and still do! I just went to see the Henson production called "Puppet Up" and loved it. (for adults only!) 5. What did you have for lunch today? Coffee- My one vice is my caffeine addiction. 6. Finish this sentence "If I had superpowers I would have...." The ability to take away sickness.

7. Days of our Lives or General Hospital? I watch two shows right now- 1.Glee 2.The Big Bang Theory
8. What makes you giggle? I giggled this morning while listening to the podcast "Risk". Also, my daughter does stand-up and watching her makes me giggle too! 9. What don't people know about you? I love to paint.
10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy? I bet I spend an hour on Etsy a day. I am planning for my sons bar mitzvah and I found an artist on Esty who is designing the center pieces. She is using old tools she found at garage sales and old computer mother boards that will blink. The theme is "making or building things / electronics" because that is what my son is into. The other person I found on Etsy is someone who will make the gift bags. He is putting together kits for the kids which will include making a robot out of a toothbrush and making LED circuits. I love being able to support amazing artists on Etsy.