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Friday, March 25, 2016

Hellooo Out There

In an effort to find different shops to feature here, I thought I'd check the Team Check In thread to see who's still saying hello. And I found only eight of us have checked in for March.



Right, so that makes this really, really easy.

I do love the bling, and this necklace caught my eye...

Heliotrope Crystal Rivoli Necklace - Peacock Blue Necklace
Heliotrope Crystal Rivoli Necklace by Love Your Bling

As did this one. Pretty.

Brown Boulder Opal and Sterling Silver Necklace
Brown Boulder Opal and Sterling Silver Necklace by cserpent designs

I don't wear too many bracelets, but this one just might need a second look...

Lapis Lazuli Freshwater Pearls Iolite Sterling Silver Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Freshwater Pearls Iolite Sterling Silver Bracelet by Falling Star Lane

If you're looking for a little art, look no further...

Lady B
Lady B by Crystal Mist Cottages

Or how about a colorful sock monkey?

Handmade Sock Monkey Doll, Stuffed Animal, Plushie, Sock Monkey Toy, Art Doll, MultiColor Home Decor, Desk Decor, Monkey Lover Gift, RUFUS
Handmade Sock Monkey Doll by Indy and Cleo

And since summer-type temperatures keep popping up, perhaps it's time for the summer-type attire...

Crochet Bikini Top, Bikini Top, Crochet Bikini, Bikini, Crochet Top, Crochet swimwear, Beach Wear
Crochet Bikini Top by Chewsy By Design

That'll do it for me this week. Did you remember to check in? 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hair Do

Want a little something to brighten up your day? What about a little something for your head?

Tiger Eye Macrame Headband, Waist Chain | Stone of Protection | Bohemian Healing Crystal
Tiger Eye Macrame Headband by Earth Cultured

Rainbow, Feather hair comb, bridal hair comb, feather extension, feather clip, hippie hair, boho headband, boho accessory, extensions long
Feather hair comb by enchanted headwear

Beaded Hair Pins~ Plum Stones Gold Pewter Rustic Anytime Wear Hair Pins, Bridal Hair Pins~ Hair Accessories~ Handmade Gemstone Hair Pins
Beaded Hair Pins by Bobbles By Carol

Sleek Cat Ear Headband, Pink kitty ears
Sleek Cat Ear Headband by pearlreef

Fuscia Pink Purple Lace Knit Headband - Handspun OOAK
Fuscia Pink Purple Lace Knit Headband by Knit Purl Squirrel

And more wonderful hair-y creations can be found at... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Connecting Via Blogging

Do you have a blog?

©Ivan Walsh

While blogging can be a great marketing resource, many craft businesses don't maintain a blog. It can be rather labor intensive. But it's a great way to connect with your target customers and engage with them on a regular basis.

It's also an excellent way to boost your SEO. We spend a lot of time focusing on creating keywords that'll get us found in Etsy search. But one of the big factors in the Google algorithm is "expertise", or "how many links back to your webpage do you have?". The more links, the higher you place in the search listings.

A great way to create links is to have them in a blog post. These do need to be fairly organic--they need to read like a human wrote them. (There's a reason why the "from the team" posts here are structured as they are.) They're better if they come from a variety of sources. But the occasional link to your product with a description surrounding it will help boost it in various searches.

The reason I bring up blogging now is to alert those of you who do have blogs to a great opportunity to find new blogging buddies. (The best way to keep readers coming to your blog is to read other bloggers' blogs and interact with them.) And if you're thinking about starting a blog, this is a great place to find like bloggers and see how they do it. (You're not stealing. You're getting ideas.)

It's called the A to Z Challenge. It goes throughout the month of April. Check out the link for more information. It's a huge event in the blogging world, and all sorts of bloggers get involved. I highly recommend checking it out and participating if it's something you can manage. If not, it's still a great way to find crafty bloggers that you may not have been familiar with.

The A to Z Challenge Badge

Do you have a blog? Leave the link in the comments so we can stop by and visit you.