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Monday, December 18, 2017

'Tis the Season, Part 4

Only one week until Christmas. Are you ready? Or have you *ahem* done nothing yet *shifts eyes*.

Um, that would be me. I've done nothing. But, if you take expedited shipping, you could still get everything in time 😎.

Some last minute ideas...

From Prairie Primitives:

Small Rustic Stocking

From ohmay:
Stay warm and cozy with just enough warmth around the neck and shoulders....
Women Cowl Capelet / Shawl

 From Lulu's Cards and Photos:

Alaskan Grizzly Bear, Animal Photography

mini AMaZinG ORanGe RiVeR South AFrica Phantom Quartz Crystal

And from hingmade

Cat Baby Mobile

That concludes the Christmas posts for this year. Make sure to check back at this blog often for seasonal and other fun items from the California Crafters Club of Etsy.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, November 27, 2017

'Tis the Season, Part 3

Happy Cyber Monday. Make sure to check out the team for your holiday shopping.

From NansGlam...

Holiday Vintage Swarovski crystal disc earrings

And from This and That Crafter... 
In my shop I have supplies and among them I have ribbon and buttons... Here are a couple of the favorites that I offer..

HO HO HO Wire Ribbon... 1.5" X 12 Feet

Gingerbread Buttons

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tis the Season, Part 2

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We're here to help.

Sparkles-a-lot 2 has a fall inspired handmade beaded chain necklace:

Redwood Brown Sari Silk Tassel


Peppermint Candy Beaded Earrings

What is so special about this ornament is that a piece of a vintage sweater was given to me to use in a creation from a 92 year old neighbor of mine. She was a seamstress for many years and is trying to find places for her items to go and be used instead of just being thrown away. She came from a era where you did not just throw away items... once a item was done being used in its original state you would reuse it in something else. She only had a small piece of the sweater left so this ornament is very limited. I am making one for her family and one for our family the rest will be for sale. Her piece of sweater will go on to bring many joy as they hang these unique and special snowmen on their trees. This piece of sweater was given to me in the summer of 2015... A sad update is that in the summer of 2016 my neighbor passed away... after she passed away her grandchildren came to me and said they knew I sewed and that she had given me some items. They let me go in her sewing room and take what I could use. I got so many buttons... many of these buttons she cut off of cloths to reuse once she was done with the clothes. So now 2 of these buttons will be added to each snowman. Her little piece of sweater will live on in many homes and in your wonderful Christmas celebrations :) 
Vintage Up-Cycled Rustic Snowman Ornament

And finally, from (me) Zizi Rho Designs:
Because I like to have little knits everywhere, I knew I had to knit some ornaments for the tree. I hope you enjoy this little beaded bauble... 
Christmas Ornament Knitted Tree Ball in Blue and White Beads

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tis the Season, Part 1

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to get serious about Christmas. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

No? Perhaps you're still thinking about Thanksgiving. That's cool. Sora Designs has just the necklace for you (and she's offering 15% off on these or anything in her shop. Just use the coupon code CCCOE15 here or at Sora Designs Black).

Rose gold wishbone necklace

Wishbone pendant necklace

Large Wishbone Necklace

Want a really unique gift? How about a family tree birthstone sculpture by NouveauTique? Make sure to order this early as it's custom made.

Family Tree Birthstone Keepsake Sculpture 

And here are several other ideas for everyone on your to-buy-for list...

From Prairie Primitives
Antique crazy quilt top, made in the late 1800s. This quilt top has a lot of damage but it would look spectacular wrapped around your Christmas tree in lieu of a traditional tree skirt!
Crazy Cutter Quilt

If you have an executive in your life who complains about some of those board meeting that get out of hand with everyone talking at the same time. Talking over one another causing a one hour meeting to lag on for two hours or more.... 
I have the very thing for you to gift them!  
A Native American Talking stick was traditionally made for the Chief or Medicine Man who leads a circle to use to keep only one person talking at a time. No one but the person holding this Sacred meeting tool is allowed to speak until they have spoken their truth! I use them when I am doing Group Therapy and have no problem with cross talk now.  
This is a great Christmas gift for the executive who is hard to buy for!!!
Custom Made Native American Inspired "Power/Talking Stick"

 From Sferra Designs:
There's still time to create a Hawaiian quilted Christmas stocking with this easy pattern and tutorial. The pattern is Breadfruit, a popular Hawaiian design.
Hawaiian Christmas Stocking Pattern

From Suzie's Imaginarium:
Best baby Christmas gift EVER!
Yellow baby security lovey blanket

From Favor Favour:
Decorate for the full month of December with advent calendars.
Woodland Folk Art Advent Calendar Boxes

From Bhenderson145:
New Holiday style bracelet up in the shop - and more Christmas ornaments on the way.
November Sky Bracelet

Some of the Himmeli Style Ornaments:
Himmeli Style Copper Ball Christmas Ornament

The pictures all link to their listings on Etsy. We'd love to have you visit us 😎

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Not Too Early to Start Your Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It's really not too early. Seriously. If you start bringing things in now, come December you'll be so happy you did.

From This and That Crafter:
I added a new ornament this year... a Yo Yo Gingerbread Girl... I saw one and created my own pattern and added my own touch to the ornament. I love her and she will make a festive addition to any tree this year. I also created a Gingerbread Boy to go with her... 
 Use ETSYCIJ17 for 15% off till the end of 2017

Gingerbread Girl Ornament

Gingerbread Boy

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Season Gear Up: Shipping

Now that fall is officially upon us (even though weather-wise it hardly feels like it), it's time to ramp up our shops for Season. And one thing we can look at is our shipping practices. 

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman recently published a video about the upcoming third quarter, and in it he said that one reason people decide not to buy (via a survey, it was the second highest factor) is due to the cost of shipping.

How much do you charge for shipping? Do you offer "free" shipping? And how do you package your items for shipping? These are some questions I asked team members, and here are some of their responses.

Shanna Michele Designs says...
I charge USPS Flat Rate and since I only use the free supplies for the PO I only add maybe 10 cents for handling (tape, gas etc). 
I have had people complain about it - especially out of the country- but I am firm on my ship method. I like the tracking and international packages get lost way less with Priority and generally get there fast. 
I do not include any extras, no packing slip (unless international). For Salty Seas I do have tags I put on them. For ShannaMichele I ship in a kraft box tied with twine. All packages from all shops get biz card or thank you tag (generic preprinted, not personalized). I ship as bare bones but as securely as possbile. Paper goods are in cello sleeves.
NansGlam says...
I ship all my orders gift wrapped: I want my customers to feel excited about receiving a “gift” from themselves when they purchase a piece of my jewelry.   
Gift wrap includes: small Kraft box with a black & white gingham ribbon and an organza jewelry bag to store the piece after opening. I also create my own jewelry cards and offer personalized “notes” for gift tags at no extra charge. Customers can select their gift wrap from 7 options: Friends, love, tie the knot, birthday, have enough jewelry, sisters or none. Included with the gift wrap are my business card and a thank you card. If the piece is sterling silver I also provide care instructions. If the purchase is a bracelet I send a picture and coated paper clip showing how to use the clip to assist them with putting on their bracelet easily.   
Nansglam Gift Wrap

I bubble wrap the box and organza bag and place in a padded envelope with some peanuts for added protection.  
My shipping is $3.75 which covers USPS First Class shipping in the U.S. along with supplies that include the padded envelope, mailing label, peanuts, % of ink for printing labels and gift wrap supplies.  
anniekdesigns says...
I charge the actual cost to ship. The hot/cold packs (except minis) are sent via priority mail so the cost is over $6-13. I really appreciate my customers who purchase these items due to the high shipping costs. For this reason, I rarely offer free shipping.   
From my own personal experience, my packaging is minimal. I throw away all the tissue paper, generally the free gifts and business cards included with my purchases. So I only include a receipt with a handwritten thank you. Once in a while I will add one sheet of tissue paper.  
I recycle as needed. The hot/cold packs are shipped inside a ziplock bag as they are stored that way to preserve the scent. I use padded priority mail envelopes and priority mail boxes from USPS so my costs are limited. Otherwise everything is sent in a padded kraft envelope via first class mail. The cost of this envelope is figured into the cost of my item. 
Ocean Avenue Silks says...
I charge $3.30 for first class shipping, adding in a little extra for packaging. Right before Mother's Day and Christmas, I will upgrade shipping from first class to Priority at no extra charge. I make my own packaging using legal size heavy card stock, tissue paper and ribbon. I include a scarf tying sheet and will also attach a gift tag with a personal message if the buyer is sending as a gift. I get a lot of compliments on my packaging, so I have kept it the same the entire time I've been selling on Etsy.
Ocean Avenue Silks Packaging

Zizi Rho Designs says...
I keep my shipping simple. I wrap the item in tissue paper and include a "packing slip" with a short personal note (just a "thank you") and a small magnet attached. 
Zizi Rho Packing Materials

Feel free to add your shipping practices in the comments. We're always looking for good ideas.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas in July

No, it's not too early to start planning for Christmas. Some people do their shopping year round. And now there's less than five months left!

The team has some things to help you get a jump start. 

From Pink Pianos
Each set of 3 tea towels is made from highly absorbent cotton linen and has been artfully hand-dyed using the ancient Japanese Art of Shibori. No 2 towels are alike, and your set will include 3 distinct patterns. These make great gifts and can be gifted individually or as a set. Fantastic for a teacher, friend or family member that enjoys time in the kitchen. 
Hand-dyed Set of Linen Shibori Tea Towels
Hand-dyed Set of Linen Shibori Tea Towels

Toddler Duvet Cover and Pillowcase. Toddler bed. Duvet Set in Blue. Baby shower gift. Childrens Room. Nursery.
Toddler Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

From The Crafty Nana:
Love these Christmas Stockings that can double as a gift holder for a new baby (at least in my mind).

Christmas Stocking, Hiking Boot, Handmade
Christmas Stocking, Hiking Boot

Christmas Stocking, Handmade, Mary Jane
Christmas Stocking, Mary Jane

And from annie k designs
You can never start too early shopping for Christmas holiday decor. I offer a wide variety of novelty tree skirts with my specialty being animals. 
First up is a Yorkie tree skirt:
Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Tree Skirt, Yorkie Tree Skirt, Dog Lover Tree Skirt, Red Christmas Tree Skirt
Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Tree Skirt

Second, knowing how stressful the holidays are and generally on the cold or chilly side, here's a wonderful u-shaped neck wrap to wrap yourself in organic French lavender to take away the winter blues or the woes of holiday shopping. 

Floral and Dragonfly U Shaped Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pack, Dragonfly Flax Seed Cotton Hot Pack, Microwaveable Hot Pack, Cold Pack, Handmade
Floral and Dragonfly U Shaped Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pack

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July

A few red, white, & blue things from the team.

From annie k designs:
I love the 4th of July! I have been privileged to have so many picnics with family and friends on this great holiday and see fireworks in many parts of this great country. All pale in comparison to seeing fireworks with the Statue of Liberty as the backdrop. 
Americana Wristlet, Red and Blue Stars Wristlet, Patriotic Wristlet, iPhone6+, Samsung 5/6 Carryall Wristlet
Americana Wristlet

And a few other items...

Fourth of July Handpainted Silk Scarf in Red, White and Blue
Fourth of July Handpainted Silk Scarf by Ocean Avenue Silks

Red White and Blue Tutu - Patriotic- Girls, Toddlers, Infants Photo Prop or Just for Fun
Red White and Blue Tutu by Too Too Kute

NEW!! Wonder Woman inspired - blue stars pillow case dress.  4th of July stars dress. Patriotic dress
Wonder Woman inspired - blue stars pillow case dress by 100acreCo

Blue ivory stripe dish towel
Blue ivory stripe dish towel by Leah's Heart

Americana Peace Crane Christmas Ornament Wedding Cake Topper Party Favor Origami  Paper Bird Occupy Liberation Patriot USA Please VOTE
Americana Peace Crane by localcolorist

PDF Crochet Pattern- Patriotic Wine Bottle Topper
Patriotic Wine Bottle Topper by Christina's Yarn Crafts

We hope you have a happy 4th.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Article Roundup

There've been quite a bit of Etsy news this month, with management shakeups and the usual SEO changes. A few stories you might have missed:

From the Etsy Sellers Handbook: They're trying to improve our customers' buying experience.

Etsy fixed an issue with multi-shop checkout.

Etsy's shopper protections are undergoing a new test.

You can create a custom website via Pattern.

If you have products in Home and Living, there's an experiment with attributes.

Color variations. Should you do one listing or list each color separately? A breakdown.

Check your return policy. One Etsy seller lost $386 when her return policy was changed without her noticing.

If you're in L.A. or nearby, check out team member Hilary L. Hahn's Shibori Fabrics Workshop on July 9th. More info on the workshop can be found here.

Sellers aren't really liking the new stats.

The new default for new listings is for automatic renewals (rather than manual). If you prefer manual relisting, keep an eye out.

Corporate headquarters is laying off employees. And reorganizing its workforce.

Some tests and changes in Etsy search.

Summer is a good time for a marketing checkup. But just remember, it is against Etsy policy to collect email addresses for marketing purposes (as is suggested in the article).

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Old Favorites

For today's blog post, I asked the team to show off something from each of their shops that may have been overlooked. Here's what they came up with...

From Keikeaux:
This druzy gemstone sparkles like sugar! The long sturdy chain makes this an easy go-to statement piece. 
Gemstone Neckace, Druzy Necklace, Druzy Agate Necklace, Raw Gemstone Jewelry
Druzy Agate Necklace

From Sferra Designs:
Gorgeous amethyst and sterling silver earrings featuring trapezoidal faceted amethysts, unique and show stopping. 
Amethyst Earrings in Sterling Silver, February Birthstone, Amethyst Dangle, Purple, Gems, Plum Grape Violet, February Birthday, Semiprecious
Amethyst Earrings in Sterling Silver

From Allie's Adornments
I don't normally put items on sale but the prices on these have been reduced. Both made with Victorian black glass buttons that are over 120 years old.
SALE Birds, Antique BUTTON  bracelet, Victorian glass with flowers in red & black. 7.5" one-of-a-kind jewellery. Price reduced.
Antique BUTTON bracelet
SALE Antique BUTTON locket necklace, Victorian shooting star on gold. Price reduced.
Antique BUTTON locket necklace

From Nans Glam:
This is a one of a kind aqua and brown necklace that was featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine, July 1, 2012. It is abalone and amazonite with copper. I collaborated with Becke of OceanAvenueSilks who provided the hand painted 1" silk ribbon which she designed to go with my beach themed necklace.
Abalone Statement Necklace, Multi Strand, Ribbon Necklace, Summer Necklace, OOAK
Abalone Statement Necklace

From Zizi Rho Designs:
This little thing is perfect for keeping your smartphone in your purse or hanging it on your wrist...
Knit Cell Phone Purse with Strap ~ Smartphone Cozy Case
Knit Cell Phone Purse with Strap

What have you been overlooking lately?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

For Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th. Have you gotten your mom something special?

If you're looking for ideas, look no further. Our team has some great pieces that'll make your mom feel special.

From ohmay:
Show Mom some love. Wrap her in this soft gorgeous handknit scarf.....
Merino Mohair Skinny Triangle Shawl Style Scarf Neckwrap with Beads  -  Periwinkle, Brown, Green and White Mochi
Merino Mohair Skinny Triangle Shawl

From Ocean Avenue Silks:
A luxurious silk scarf! The perfect Mother's Day gift!
Give mom a mini spa experience with a French lavender eye pillow and hot cold pack.
Tula Pink Rabbit Hot/Cold Pack and Eye Pillow Set, Organic French Lavender and Flax Seed Coordinating Hot/Cold Pack and Eye Pillow
Tula Pink Rabbit Hot/Cold Pack and Eye Pillow Set

Make Mom's everyday correspondence a lot more fun
Friendship cards (4) handmade set happy colorful heat-embossed ink wash stationery paper greeting party supplies
Friendship cards

Mom will love these real amethyst and sterling earrings, classic and royal...just like Mom!
Amethyst Earrings Sterling Silver Crystal Ball Purple Natural Stone Semiprecious Microfaceted
Amethyst Earrings

From Nans Glam
Show mom and daughter some love with this "Mother Daughter Heart Hoop earring set. Pick your size!
Rose Gold Heart Earrings, Mother Daughter Jewelry, Mother’s Day, Love, 2 Pairs
Rose Gold Heart Earrings

Even fur babies like to show appreciation for moms...
Custom Pet Portrait - Custom Dog Portrait -Oil Painting from your Photo - Portraits by NC
Custom Pet Portrait

Bunnies are a new mom's best friend!
1980's Fisher Price Bunny blanket replica in solid yellow fleece
1980's Fisher Price Bunny blanket replica

We hope you found something perfect for your mom (or yourself!).