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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy Success Symposium

At the end of the week, on Friday, March 30 (10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. EST), Etsy's Online Labs are hosting the Etsy Success Symposium, which will stream for free.  Furthermore, to help promote and celebrate the symposium, Etsy is looking to feature some treasuries on the front page that speak to the theme of "Get Found" or the Symposium.

"Get Found" is what we're all about here at CCCOE, right?  So here are some details from the horse's mouth (that means from the Etsy team direct):

Hi everyone! We are going to feature some Treasuries on the Front Page to promote the Etsy Success Symposium, and we'd love your help!

If you're interested, make a Treasury that somehow speaks to the theme of "Get Found" or the Symposium.  Maybe it will be a space theme to mirror the Symposium logo. Maybe it will be a safari or "hidden treasures" theme. Have fun with it! We'll pick a few Treasuries to feature on the Front Page between Wed., Mar 28 - Fri, Mar 30.

TO PARTICIPATE: 1. Tag your Treasury with "Etsy Success Symposium". 2. In the first comment in the Treasury, say something like, "Check out the Etsy Success Symposium!" or "Made in honor of the Etsy Success Symposium" or something like that. Also, put a link to this: 3. Optional, but a plus: tweet a link to your Treasury @etsy with the #etsysuccess hashtag and a link to your Treasury. You can shorten your link with

TIPS: - The ones we feature will be of FP quality- great arrangement and balanced mix of items. It should make us want to click! But we encourage you to make what you feel like making! - Themes don't have to be heavily literal. - Using sellers who aren't featured regularly is a big plus! Help them get found :) - FP basics: all 16 slots filled with different sellers, avoid shops on vacation or reserved items. The top row should be the strongest! 

Now get curating!  And share your links below for treasuries that fit this bill (and hopefully feature some CCCOE members, as well!).


Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Trends for Handcrafted in California

Contributed by Melissa Kojima - Artist in LA LA Land

Green and butterflies and kids clothing are the spring trends for handcrafted in California.  Here's a few of the handcrafted offerings from our talented CCCOE members.

Don't these handcrafted items make you want to get up and enjoy SPRING!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Style Trend: Springtime Floral Prints

One of the most notable trends seen on the runways this spring is florals. Flowery, garden-themed pretties are popping up all over the place: As usual, our CCCOE artisans are right on trend. Take a peek at these flowery fashions, all made by CCCOE members:
For more general bloggy girly-girl goodness, visit me at: PuppyLovePreschool.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Paper!

I'm obsessed with both weddings and with lovely paper goods.  When I searched for both among CCCOE member shops, I was enthralled by the offerings, so I elected to share my findings!

Are you hosting a destination wedding?  Or perhaps your theme is travel-related?  

Hand-calligraphy envelopes for your big day!
I think these "Save the Date" vintage map stickers are just delightful!
Adorable personalized map + compass necklaces are perfect bridesmaids gifts!

Beach wedding?  Look no further.

Rustic, beachy-themed favor boxes with tags.
"Wish tree" tags in a lovely seashore theme.
Elegant seashell wedding invitations

Hmm, where can I find some good wedding banners...

Simple and sophisticated "Mr. & Mrs." chair banners
Okay, not paper, but a close cousin: a super sweet FABRIC banner!
"Photo Booth" banner sign

Or, you just need a good old-fashioned paper greeting.

GORGEOUS hand-embroidered card for your soon-to-be-wed friend.
"My HEART belongs to you."  Get it?!  ;)
Simply stunning vintage-style paper wedding scrapbook!

Whatever your theme or color scheme, you're covered in the wedding paper department with CCCOE!

Contributed by Emily of Anna Delores Photography, who is neither planning a wedding nor gifted in the crafts of calligraphy or letterpress.  :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Geek Chic

As I surfed the CCCOE Team's listings this month, I found that the things that caught my eye had a definite theme to them.

I've never attempted Tunisian Crochet, but I've seen it done (on TV). What an interesting shape for a hat...  

Magical Gnome Hat by Syrendell

And then this cross stitch reminded me of childhood. I could never master this game...  

Pac-Man Cross Stitch by Helby's Hatchery

I don't own an iPod, but I've made something similar for eReaders...

iPod Touch Nano Case by Off the Hook Hats

And I saw this and thought, what a great idea. I think I need one of these...  

Soft Touch Stylus by Refined Pallet

No geek-themed post would be complete without a Dr. Who reference...  

TARDIS Messenger Bag by Nani Originals

There are too many wonderful things to find. I guess that's what the Etsy community is all about.  

This post contributed by Liz of Zizi Rho Designs, who likes to think she is a geek but is not as cool as the real geeks are.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Come On Get Crafty!

March is National Craft Month.
You know what that need to get crafty! As always Etsy is a great start for finding DIY projects and the CCCOE Team has some awesome DIY's you can purchase today.

This is too cute! It is a DIY Fairy Wings Kit from MisManos.

Extra time on your hands? Purchase ohmay's Peony Lariat PDF Pattern and you can start knitting away!

Love this Newsboy Crochet Hat PDF you can purchase from stubbornwomen. This would be a great time to start working on making hats for Christmas gifts!

I plan on get my craft on and creating more cards...and buying more supplies because you know that every craft store will have to have a sale to celebrate! Brought to you by Sophie n Me