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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gift Guide for Dad: For the Love of Dad

Contributed by Melissa Kojima ---- Artist in LA LA Land

Where there's a grad, there's a dad not far off.  Well, I mean father's day, of course!  It's June 17th, 2012.  We love dad at the California Crafters Club on Etsy.  We've handcrafted many fantastic items for him.  Below you'll see some of the many great gift ideas for daddy, for dad, for papa or whatever you call that wonderful man in your life.

Grad Gift Guide: Gearing Up For Grads at the California Crafters Club on Etsy

Contributed by Melissa Kojima ---- Artist in LA LA Land

Yep, it's just around the corner.  What's that?  Summertime! And you know what that means---sunshine and warmth?  Well, yes . . . but also students graduating from college and high school. At CCCOE, we're not sitting on our laurels, we're gearing up for grads. Check out some of the amazing items we've created to help celebrate grads.  Oh, and congratulations to the class of 2012!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Brainer for Getting More Attention on Etsy: Monthly Merchandising Desk

Contributed by Melissa Kojima --- Artist in LA LA Land

Okay, like I've said before, sometimes, I'm a little slow to the draw.  I've not won any races for that, but I do get to the finish line anyway.  So I'm sharing more helpful tidbits that I've found.   And if you haven't found them yet either, you may find them good info too.

So here it is:  MONTHLY MERCHANDISING DESK on ETSY!  How's this suppose to help you?  Well, a lot of people make treasuries (including me) based on what's hot, trendy or seasonal and the merchandising desk gives you a lot of ideas for exactly that each and every month.  It's not asking you to make your shop over, but if you add some of those TAG & KEY WORDS that are appropriate to your shop and items, you'll get found easier by me who is making treasuries and others who are searching Etsy for seasonal items.  It has helped me to get found more, and to find you easier.  Unfortunately, I may not have found you yet, but these monthly ideas may help.

Read them at the 1st of every month.  Incorporate them into your shop and items!  Good luck and I hope we meet again soon----or for the first time!

Summer Fun Guide from the California Crafters Club on Etsy

Contributed by Melissa Kojima --- Artist in LA LA Land

I hate to brag, but summertime in California is just the best!  Right?  Right!  Below is my guide to making summer the most fun, and of course, it's a California summer!  No place better!

In Case You Didn't Know: How To Get Your Treasury Onto Your Blogs

Contributed by Melissa Kojima --- Artist in LA LA Land

Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit slow.  So in case I'm not the only one, I thought I'd share this great FREE tool to help you share treasuries that you've made or that you're featured in. It's on Craft Cult.  You just add your username and find either all the treasuries you've made or the treasuries you've been featured in. You can make a widget with it, grab the code and share it on your blogs or other websites.  It's so easy that I'm  glad I finally found it.  It also has many other useful tools to help you with your Esty shop.  Check it out if you haven't already.  You'll be seeing me use it more on this blog.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CRAFTED launch coming June 29

A unique opportunity for handmade artists of all kinds is coming to Los Angeles this summer: CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles aims to create a permanent marketplace to showcase crafters and offer shoppers a place to peruse these handmade wares.

Fellow CCCOE member Melissa Kojima first wrote about CRAFTED here on the blog in February: "Discussion: A Permanent Craft Marketplace."

This project anticipates 500,000 annual visitors and offers space for up to 500 individual, independent vendors; many artisans have already signed on to lease their space, including Anon-y-mouse Prints (also on Etsy), The Poster List, and many more.

The city of Los Angeles has really invested in this project, agreeing to a 35-year lease and a launch date of June 29 to catapult the marketplace as a summer hot spot.

Some of the perks noted by the CRAFTED FAQs section on their website: 
  1. First, no more chasing fairs all over the state, country, globe, galaxy, universe, and beyond.  Toss your crazy calendar out the window.  Bask in the glow of knowing where you are selling every weekend - and most importantly - love the fact that your customers will always know where to find YOU.

  2. Second, let's save your body some grief.  Your market stall will be yours, and yours alone for the duration.  No need to break down and set up like you do at each new temporary event.  Hang up your shingle, kick back, and SELL like you have never sold before.

  3. And last, but not least, there is a little thing called COMMUNITY.  Hanging out, doing what you do - what you love - with a group of more than 500 artists who get you is pretty unbelievable. 
CRAFTED also offers options for sharing space, including a Facebook group for meeting other interested artisans to buddy up.

And now, the information we've all been waiting for: PRICE.  It's $500 per month for a 10'x10' space, and you get to leave your goods there when the marketplace is closed (no more hauling equipment and product all over the place, as noted above).  CRAFTED breaks that down to $33 per day (they're open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays all year round).  They do ask for a minimum six-month lease and even though you don't have to pay all of that up-front (they collect rent monthly, just like your apartment landlord), that's still a $3,000 minimum commitment.

Preview of the main entry to CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

So.  What do you guys think?

Are those of you in Southern California aware of the opportunities with CRAFTED and, if so, are you considering signing up?  I think most of us indie business owners feel our eyes pop out of our heads at the price tag (also a hunch gleaned from comments following Melissa's post about CRAFTED in February), but considering everything provided, it seems a reasonable fee.

Looking forward to hearing what other Etsy artisans have to say, and I can't wait to check out the marketplace in its first weekend of business at the end of June.

Post contributed by Emily of Anna Delores Photography, who has no stake in CRAFTED except that she is a native Angeleno and indie business owner who is looking forward to this unique shopping experience.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Lately, I have been experimenting with crocheting a peace sign. It hasn't gone terribly well. The patterns I found don't look quite right, and my tinkering hasn't yielded anything that looks like it should.

But my current obsession got me wondering. What have my fellow team members done with that stalwart of the '60s? It was a simple enough search.

First, I found a couple necklaces. Of course. The first is large and bold. The second small and subtle. For whatever your style happens to be.

I wish you Peace men's necklace by Vision Quest

Tiny Handmade Organic Peace Sign by Lulu La Rue

Then there was this ring. You can show your hippie pride right there on your sleeve, er, rather, hand.

Turquoise Peace Sign Ring by Priscilla's Jewelry

Another charm, but this one gives that flower child vibe.

Retro Soldiered Charm by My Charmed Treasures

And of course you need a messenger bag emblazoned with the peace sign to call out your peaceful leanings.

Peace is Beautiful Messenger Bag by art to wear diva

There were necklaces and a ring, so of course there should be bracelets as well.

Boho Chic Bangle by Lovepray

Aqua Peace Bracelet by lean dog pottery

Plus, I'm leaving out the earrings and some other cute finds. Be sure to type "Peace Sign" and "CCCOE Team" into the search box to see what I mean.  

I hope you're having a peaceful day.  

This post contributed by Liz of Zizi Rho Designs who was disappointed to not find any knit or crochet peace signs. All pictures link back to their page on Etsy. Be sure to check out these lovely shops.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're Road Trippin!

I thought it would be fun to explore our team geographically, so we are going on a road trip.  Each month I'll explore the shops in a different region of the state.  We are going to start at home base, my home, and explore Etsy shops here on the Central Coast. 

I'm always amazed by the talent here in my own area.  I'm happy to showcase that talent for you.  These artists are from Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, and Santa Maria.

Gentle Flowers Baby Balm from GwendolynEvaRose

Bamboo Roving by SilverSunAlpacas

Bulls Eye Ring by leandogpottery

Embroidered Tea Towel by peggradyart

Felted Soaps by PoppySoapCompany

Growing Pink print by cineloh

IPurse in Amy Butler Fabric by handcraftedbooks

Morro Rock Handmade Card from UniquelyYoursStudio

Shimmer Swimmer from studiomusings

Teal Vinyl Wallet by mpwallets

Tree of Life from maggiepickering

Vinyl Record Cuff by leasha1824

Infinity Eternity Ring by SeaBabeJewelry

Next month, we'll head north and see what we can find!

Amber Long
This Little Bird