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Friday, July 30, 2010

Noah Erenberg...extraordinary abstract artist

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Noah Erenberg is the son of Elena Mary Siff who has grown to be a fine abstract artist in his own right. His obvious talent being inspired and nurtured by family & friends.

Asked what his favorite colors are... the straight forward answers are red, blue, pink. When asked what "art" means to him, he says it makes him feel wonderful & happy he's an artist. He does his work outside...being directly inspired by the neighborhood, trees, ocean, surf.

He was invited to join an international exhibition of visionary art called, "Internal guidance systems" which traveled the world from 2006-2008,

His art is featured in a new book titled, "Drawing Autism" by Jill Mullen, Mark Batty Press, NYC

Also see more of his work on a website he shares with his mother..