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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New to Me

I feel like I've gotten into a rut here. I seem to keep highlighting the same sellers from the CCCOE team. Today I decided to try to find some sellers that I haven't seen before. Here's what I found...

What an interesting ring. I'm not sure what Koolstoff means, but it has a nice, graphic vibe...

Size 9 - Koolstoff Ring celebrate life by wearing a Carbon Atom made w Six Prehnite Cabochons
Koolstoff Ring by R. Seitz Metalsmith

Oooh, shiny...

Classic Bridal Pearl Earring, Genuine freshwater pearl earring, bridal earring, mother's day gift, bridesmaid gift, wedding jewelry
Classic Bridal Pearl Earring by PapakoleaBeach

This just makes me laugh...

I keep forgetting that we can find wall art on Etsy, too...  

Blue Marlin Wall Art. Sportfishing Art for Cabin. Marlin Splash Watercolor 11x14 Print. Navy Blue Turquoise Green. Offshore Bluefish Artwork
Blue Marlin Wall Art by Mika Harmony

Flasks with your favorite artwork. I'm rather fond of this painting...

Seurat SUNDAY Iin the PARK art print on 6oz Stainless Steel Graphic Hip Flask
Seurat SUNDAY in the PARK art print on 6oz Stainless Steel Graphic Hip Flask by Oso and Bean

I had not thought about switchplates. These are done with "scrap fabrics from local artists", which makes them that much cooler...

Wall Decor "Bleu-de-Lyz", Two Toggle Decorative Switch Plate. Modern, Classic Switch Plate. Handmade. Color & Style. Creative Gifts.
"Bleu-de-Lyz" Two Toggle Decorative Switch Plate by NorCalSwitcheroos

And these are just fun. Perfect for a kid's birthday party...

Robot Rocket Set muslin cotton favor bag 15 with stamp gift sack boy birthday party baby shower goodies treat bag
Robot Rocket Set muslin cotton favor bag by Cherry Dreams Creation

These sellers are new to me. Are they new to you, too? 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Out of Season

For much of last week and the beginning of this week, it felt like summer around these parts. So much so that we've got our summer stuff showing... 

From anniekdesigns: Perfect for the tropical vacation or a little pick me up when it is cold.

Tropical Drink Make Up Bag, Tropical Pattern Cosmetic Bag, Aqua Medium Zippered Pouch, Tropical Drink Makeup Bag, Hibiscus Cosmetic Bag
Tropical Drink Make Up Bag

From Chewsy By Design: This unique one of a kind Poncho will captivate any eye with its beautiful color. Wear it out on a summer picnic with your favorite sundress, or as a Scarf to keep warm in the winter chill.

Serenity Hug Spring Fashion Ooak Poncho Fibers Reclaimed Silk Satin Ribbon & Fabric free style hand knit crochet FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING
Serenity Hug Spring Fashion Poncho

From This and That Crafter: I created this Festive Banner that will brighten up any 4th of July celebration or great for any patriotic happening or celebration like Memorial Day or a member of the Military coming home. Lots of uses for this great banner and you can use it year after year.

FREEDOM Burlap Banner
FREEDOM Burlap Banner

It looks like we're getting more "in season" weather now. The brief summer in February was nice while it lasted. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Taming the Twitter Beast

A couple days ago, I finally got around to trying to tame my Twitter feed.

©Jean-Bastien Prévots

It had gotten so unruly that I barely even looked at it anymore. It's hard to keep track of people. So, how did I tame the beast? Lists. 

Click on your name: 

It's right there on the end. If not, you'll have to go into your profile to find it.

Lists are a great way to keep like feeds together, for ease in finding. You can also subscribe to others' Lists, like the CCCOE Team's List. So you can keep up to date on what's happening with various team members.

So, now the plan is to utilize Twitter a bit better. Because it's a great way to get word of your shop out to potential customers. (Especially since Etsy's search might be burying you from time to time. Thanks to annie k designs for finding the link.)

Yes, you want to find your customers. Who buys your items? You want to engage with the types of people who you're products will interest. But you don't want to hard sell. You want to talk to them, answer their questions, and become a Twitter buddy. Then, when they're in the market for something for themselves or a gift, your shop will be at the front of their minds.

But more than customers, you want to find the influencers in your area. These are the people who have loyal followings. If they like you, they might retweet you, and your reach will grow.

Then, you can also utilize Twitter to find content to feed your networks. You can only tweet a picture of your beautiful merchandise so many times before people start to tune you out. You'll need other things to tweet, and retweeting things that your customers might find of interest is one way to remain in the forefront of their memories.

You also have other social networks. An interesting link to an article you find on Twitter might be just what your Facebook followers would enjoy. Perhaps an interesting picture should make it to your Pinterest. This freshens up more than just one network. It keeps you relevant on many.

How do you use Twitter?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spa Day

Feeling the winter blues? Need to pamper yourself. What about a spa day?

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser GANESH Ganesha  Raku Handmade Pottery
Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by De Baun Fine Ceramics

A Thousand Points of Light Illuminating the Way to Education Girls Supporting Three Cups of Tea Charity
A Thousand Points of Light by Primitive Pots

Soap - Lavender Soap  - Handmade Soap,  Glycerin Soap, Vegan Soap, Garden Soap, Floral Soap, Mothers Day Soap, Natural Soap,
Lavender Soap by a slice of delight

WINTER ROSE Season Package
WINTER ROSE Season Package by Lalun Naturals

Pure Lavender Pillar Candles with  Natural Essential Oils Square Purple Candles, 3x4.5 Medium
Pure Lavender Pillar Candle by Badan Body

And more spa-y type items can be found at: