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Thursday, June 16, 2016


In trying to come up with a good theme for today, all I could think was "summer". As I look outside at the dreary, overcast, drizzly day. (Seriously. Drizzly. I felt speckles of water when I walked out about a half hour ago.)

So, I typed in "cccoe team summer" into the trusty Etsy search bar, and here is some of what I found...

The smells of summer...

Gidget Perfume Oil - sun, sand, surf, and endless summer nights
Gidget Perfume Oil by Scent by the Sea

And the tastes...

Honeysuckle Gourmet Lollipops - Pick Your Size - Spring Summer Party Favors - Luxe Lollies - Floral Party Theme - Flowers
Honeysuckle Gourmet Lollipops by Luxe Lollipops

What's summer without watermelon?

Watermelon applique green stripe dish towel
Watermelon applique green stripe dish towel by Leah's Heart

Or sharks?

Shark shorts for girls or boys-  Cotton print sharks in blue orange and grey. Beach and pool wear for kids. Summer shorts for kids
Shark shorts by 100acreCo

You find sharks at the beach... well, hopefully not! But hopefully you do find sea glass...

Green Melange Beach Mix Sea Glass, Natural Jade Stones,  Pottery, Jadeite 62B
Green Melange Beach Mix Sea Glass by Beach Gemming

Or sea stars...

Fused glass transparent orange sea star paperweight
orange sea star paperweight by caroline4art

And what better way to capture the memories?

Mini Album - Summer Fun
Mini Album - Summer Fun by studio deb

What makes you think of summer?