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Sunday, November 2, 2008

CCCOE Member Studio Tour: Featured Artist-The Chainmaille Lady

Tell us a little about yourself and how it all began.

I have been pretty crafty all my life. My mom was extremely crafty, she was always creating something, paper mache’, painting, throwing pots, and macramé. My mom and I each entered a collage in the local craft fair and I took home first prize and mom took home second! I think it had something to do with me being a kid : ). At our local park they were always giving free classes in knitting, crocheting, and various other crafts and mom made sure I attended all of them. So ultimately I have “many talents”. I knit, crochet, cross stitch, Swedish weave, bobbin lace, needlepoint, and hardanger. In 2003 I entered two items I had made, a Swedish weave blanket and a hardanger wall hanging into the L.A. County Fair. The blanket won third place and the hardanger won first!

Where do you work?

Well, I have a bedroom that has been converted into my "studio" which is very nice but I do most of my work in the living room on my swivel chair.

What is your favorite tool?

My Lindstrom pliers made in Sweden . What time of the day are you the most productive/inspired?

Usually right before I go to bed, I will think of something I could create and then I can't sleep! I have to stay up until I either get it down on paper or actually create it!!! What inspires you?

Everything. Sometimes I sit out on the back porch and just stare at the wonders of nature. Other times I'll be watching T.V. and I will see something that will trigger my creativity. My husband is great source of inspiration. He is very helpful when I am bouncing ideas off him, he usually will help me to name some of my pieces. How do you promote yourself and your shop?

One place is at the weekly Farmers Market & Craft Show where I have a booth. I love to talk about my jewelry and give demonstrations as to how it is made. People really appreciate the information. I wear my jewelry and always have business cards on hand to give out. I have a few The ChainMaille Lady T-shirts I wear. I use Flickr, Twitter, Blogspot, Kijiji, Craig's List and have also joined a couple of Etsy Teams.

How long have you been on Etsy?

Since May of 2008 What else do you enjoy doing other than creating?

Spending time with my husband and my little Chihuahua Miss Gizmo. Visiting with family. What would you like to see happen/change with CCCOE? What is your favorite thing about CCCOE?

The members and the weekly thread. The Yahoo Disgest is good to because I can keep up to date on the group.

What is your favorite food? Taquitos from Pepe’s Favorite book or movie? Grease One thing you absolutely cannot live without? Chocolate and milk. Lastly what piece that you have created is your favorite and why? My Hardanger Eyelet Chainmaille bracelet. It looks like a delicate piece of Norwegian Hardanger. To see more of Lauren's beautiful jewelry check out her Etsy store.


  1. Whoo Hooo! I'm famous!!!! Thanks Amanda!

  2. Chain's got some incredible talent!!! Some day she'll invite me for taquitos :D

  3. Loved the interview. Your work is gorgeous!


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