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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Personally, I like it!

Have you ever noticed that you can look at a whole page of words and your name will just pop out at you like it's highlighted? Our name is one of the first things we learn how to spell as a child. I love to have things personalized with my name, and from the way personalized items sell on Etsy I'm pretty sure other people feel the same. One of my favorite possessions is a pendant that has my husband's and my name hand sawn out of sterling - I rarely take it off. Another is a pair of silver bracelets that have been stamped with quotes that have a special meaning to me, even the inside of them are stamped with words even though no one will see them but me. I think that pieces that have words or names on them take on a special meaning, as though it is imbued with the spirit of that person. Almost to the point that losing it or breaking it is a sign of bad luck. I have a piece in my shop that features the names of the bride and the groom and in two different cases the vase has broken in a move, and on both occasions the couples have reordered the vase. Superstition has given us the idea that it is bad luck, like a broken mirror is 7 years bad luck. Such is the power of words. I used the search terms "CCCOE, personalized, names, letters" to find the following California artists that personalize their work. What could be more perfect for the graduate than this necklace from Visionquest ? This is just one of the many personalized sterling pieces that she offers in her shop.
These shell letters by SeashellCollection are very cool! You can buy one letter or your whole name.
A fine silver heart for the romantics among us. ChocolateandSteel offers this reminder of the day you married your honey bunny.
I have a confession to make. My husband and I each have one of these sweetheart tags on our keychains. Tresijas handstamps these on leather and paints the hearts with a special paint for durability. One of the many leather tags in her shop that can be personalized.
I love these cursive letter pendants from IHeartThis. She markets these as great gifts for a bridal party, and they are! Each letter looks to be handformed from sterling wire and lightly hammered.
Sandysimone creates these sterling silver intial rings and offers 3 stacker rings for one price and the choice of an initial, a heart, circle or a flower. I think a great idea would be to get your 3 initials and you have an instant monogram!
This blog post is by Felicia of Maid of Clay Ceramics.


  1. Love this article. Yes we love personalized items. Makes us feel so special and the fact that it is just for us makes it even better! Great finds here!!

  2. It's so true! Whenever I see a display of name items, I always look for my nieces and nephews names. I don't bother looking for my own as it's too unusual and it's long. I need to get my initials though! Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Very cool post, and you searched out some great ideas for gifts -- for myself or for someone else ;)

  4. Etsy is the best place to get this stuff....I named all my kids weird things that will never be found on those spinny racks at the store (sorry kids lol) so nice to see there are other ways to get personalized!

  5. So many great gift ideas! This is awesome, thank you for including me.

  6. Now you can have a unique name & get it on a unique piece too. Great post!

  7. Great post! Love the personalized items you found. Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Great Stuff!!
    and, really, what an easy way to say JUST what you want!!
    thanks so much, MoC. :o)

  9. So many great gift ideas. Nice article too! I'll be visiting all of these great shops.

  10. Great post and personalized items. I just bought my first set of stamps yesterday and can't wait to try them out!


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