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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help Turn Trash into Crafting Treasures -- and Earn Some Cash!

A little off topic maybe, but since so many CCCOE members have children and we all know the schools are hurting, so here's a way to reduce landfills, contribute to the crafting movement and make some money for your school, charity or club. Just go to TerraCycle and sign up. Once you're registered, you can start collecting juice boxes, candy wrappers, chip bags, yogurt containers, toothpaste tubes, tape dispensers and similar stuff to send to TerraCycle with one of their free shipping labels. Then they upcycle the "junk" into some pretty amazing things, including everything from coolers and corkboards to purses and window boxes. Even better, your group earns 2 cents for every item you send. Considering that each school child throws away about 67 pounds of trash per year, it's easy to see how it can add up to some real money.


  1. what a great idea, thanks for posting!

  2. Terracycle is one of my favorite companies. My nieces Girl Scout troop recycles Capri Sun packaging and Terracycle turns them into the cutest bags. They are raising money for their troop and learning that saving out valuable resources is important.


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