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Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July!

It's that time of year again! Here are some festive finds to help you get in the holiday spirit.
AnnieKChristmas is the perfect shop to visit for Christmas related items since it is Christmas year round! Who can resist this fun and whimsical tree skirt?

Hubba Hubba All I Want For Christmas Tree Skirt

This also the perfect time to stock up on Christmas cards. ShannaMicheleDesigns always has some of the cutest.

Owls Holiday Cards Neutral Red Cute And what would Christmas be without a stocking? This one by PrairiePrimitives is big enough and long enough to hold all your little goodies.

Shabby Pink and White Antique Quilt Primitive Christmas Stocking

Need a new theme for your tree this year? These seashell ornaments from SeaShellCollection are the perfect way to decorate your California themed tree!

Seashell Christmas Ornaments Set of 6

Hope you enjoyed this small sampling of Christmas items. There are plenty more to be found and lots for giving. Just remember to search "CCCOE Team Christmas".

Brought to you by Sophie n Me


  1. Thanks Sophie. It was a really nice surprise to see the tree skirt and the CIJ sale featured in the blog.


  2. Fabulous Blog Piece showing off some of our talented teammies =D

  3. Beautiful Christmas items, well done article Sophie :)


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