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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Opals or Tourmalines - October Birthstones

If you were born in October, lucky you! Your birthstones are tourmalines and opals, awesomely gorgeous gemstones! Here is a small sample of October birthstone jewelry from our CCCOE mates:

From Emayuka, I found these earrings with watermelon tourmaline slices. Aren't they fab? 

But, just in case you'd rather have opals, here is a delish opal necklace with dangling labradorites on a sterling silver chain from JewelryBySonjaBlume

How about a necklace with tourmalines? 
Here's one from DistinqueJewelry. Beautiful!!!

What? Wow! A four finger opal ring from NINOTCHKAgoods. How original is that? 

Love, love, love these earrings by SurfAndSand. Check out how many tourmalines are in these earrings. Ninety-six!

I love pink opals, so I couldn't leave out BellaBeadsOriginals' necklace. Had to include pinkness!

There were so many beauties from our major talented team. It was so hard to choose, but that's how life works, gotta make choices. I'm happy with the ones I've just made!


  1. Great first blog post, Millie! Wonderful picks from CCCOE team members!!

  2. Watermelon tourmaline slices are my absolute FAVORITE. I love those earrings! Opals are great too.... when I was growing up, my mom had gorgeous opal rings and bracelets from Mexico.....they really started me on my love of jewelry....they were the only things I ever tried on from her jewelry box ;)

  3. Awesome! Opals are my very favorite gemstone. I would rather have an opal than a diamond.

  4. Wonderful! Love those watermelon slices!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous finds here. That opal necklace is simply stunning.

  6. All these items are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. All these items are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Wow, those are beautiful pieces. So much talent here on CCCOE!

  9. Lovin' all this birthstone goodness! Happy Birthday October! ❤


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