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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Young at Heart

Wooden Bird Vintage Book Text Home Decor Figure
Wooden Bird by Jenn Henson Designs

Not so much a theme this time, although, it seems like when I start these things, a theme tends to emerge. The bird above makes me think of whimsy, and whimsy is one of the best aspects of childhood.

So, for a theme, we'll go with that.

And if we're going for childhood, of course we must find children's clothes. Like this totally cute skirt...

Purple Hemp/Tencel & African Print Skirt for Growing Girls
Purple Hemp/Tencel & African Print Skirt by IOGoods

Or isn't this just too precious for a baby?

Getting a bit older, what girl doesn't love friendship bracelets?  

Girl friendship bracelet/ orange wooden bead bracelet with apple charm/ charm bracelet
Girl Friendship Bracelet by Isn't That Cute

And then in middle school, everybody seems to discover origami. (Well, not me, but it seemed like everyone else.)

Then we grow up (sort of), and we want to wear pretty things. I have a thing for swirls...  

Copper Earrings Black Agate Wire Wrapped Hammered Coil
Copper Earrings by StoneWyre

And I've always had a soft spot for rose quartz.

Rose quartz earrings, pink earrings, sterling silver earrings, pink jewelry
Rose Quartz Earrings by Encanto Design

This post contributed by Liz A. of Zizi Rho Designs


  1. A thoughtful & interesting collection!

  2. Fun post and selections, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great theme! What girl wouldn't want these wonderful creations!

  4. Kids do keep you young at heart and it's so fun to shop for girls young and You found some really lovely girl gifts!


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