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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Name That Theme

It's time for another of my random collections of items that caught my eye from the team. Let's see if I can find a theme out of these...

I love finding handmade soaps and such. It amazes me that people can make these things themselves, and I bet they smell so much better, too.

Chai + Green Tea Natural Vegan Handmade Organic Soap
Chai + Green Tea Natural Vegan Handmade Organic Soap by Blooming Tree Designs 

I think I need a feather quill. I've never written with a feather quill.

Blowout Sale... EAGLE'S Wing  Ink Dip Porcupine Quill w/ Feather Pen and OPALITE CRYSTAL Steampunk
EAGLE'S Wing Ink Dip Porcupine Quill by Saber Shores

Now that I got my hair cut, I keep running across all these great hair accessories.

WooDLanD Faery PRinCeSS Boho Shabby Chic Hair Clip
WooDLanD Faery PRinCeSS Hair Clip by Wild Mountain Wreaths

There's something about this necklace. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's part of the theme?

Hammered Arrow Necklace - Raw Brass Hammered Arrow Pendant on Sterling Silver 16" Chain
Hammered Arrow Necklace by Fait Main Designs

I like the simplicity of this.

Men's Marbled Eternity Ring and Black Leather Necklace - Unisex Jewelry - made with SWAROVSKI® Crystals
Men's Marbled Eternity Ring and Black Leather Necklace by Love Your Bling

And I like the complexity of this.

Elephant book locket pendant necklace
Elephant Book Locket Pendant by Delicate Industry

Too much jewelry. It must have a place to live, right?

Dream catcher jewelry box for trendy girls room
Dream Catcher Jewelry Box by Starr Joy 16
So, theme? I've got nothing. But it was kind of a fun trip.

What do you think? What sort of theme do you think goes with these items?


  1. Totally agree! Who needs a theme! Love the quill! Great finds!

  2. Love the collection. Shows how talented our team is. Theme? Reminds me of an adventure traveling to different parts of the world!

  3. A very eclectic mix. Bella, I also love that quill pen. This collection makes me think of nature and the out doors. The theme is leaning towards natural findings.


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