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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Team Page on Etsy

A new feature on Etsy, the Team Page, was launched a few days ago.

Each team was able to apply for one page and use it to promote team member products. It is a user-friendly platform that will help our team create one-of-a-kind shopping collections to promote to buyers. It looks similar to Pinterest but is on Etsy's site. Like a blog or website, our Team Page has a unique URL that we can share with anyone.

We have over 20 collections so far. Like Wedding Bells:

Bag It:

Trick or Treat:

and California Proud:

There is no limit to how many items can be in a collection. We are limited to 35 collections at this time. In the future Etsy will probably increase this number. This is a great way to share more of what our team has to offer in one place. Our collections on our Team Page showcase our group’s products in an organized, “shoppable” way that buyers hopefully will love to browse.

Please share/post our team page on any of your social websites to help promote our team.


  1. Thank you for including a couple of my items is the Halloween and Kids groupings

  2. Love our new team page ~ Hooray CCCOE! ❤


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