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Thursday, January 28, 2016

That February Day

To find the items in this blog post, I searched "cccoe team valentine". The top categories were "Jewelry", "Paper & Party Supplies", "Home & Living", "Accessories", and "Clothing". Which gives me a great jumping off point...

Jewelry for Valentine's Day? Hmmm... Sounds like a plan...

Conversation Heart Necklace in Lavender - KISS ME - Valentine's Day Jewelry
Conversation Heart Necklace by Love Your Bling

NERD LOVER text box... stamped sterling silver necklace
NERD LOVER text box by Vision Quest

Paper & Party Supplies? Oh, right, cards...

Heart Monster Valentines
Heart Monster Valentines by EmoSeal Creations

In Home & Living we find...
And finally, in Clothing... 

Queen of Hearts - Adult Teen Pre-teen Costume Tutu - Custom Sewn Tutu - up to 36" long - For Halloween and Birthday
Queen of Hearts Costume Tutu by Tiara's Boutique

Lots of fun things if you celebrate February 14th. Make sure to check them out.


  1. Such lovely eye candy so early in the morning! Thanks for the post!

  2. All of these would make awesome Valentine's gifts!!

  3. Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day!

  4. Great collection! I love the valentines. :-)


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