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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Social media is a good way to promote yourself and your shop. There are tons of different sites out there. Which one should you spend the time and effort cultivating?

Last month I highlighted Pinterest. Next month...?

There are a lot of different social media avenues to try. What works for me may or may not work for you. Take a look. Try. Experiment. And when you find one that fits you, that's where you should focus your social media efforts.

How useful is a blog when it comes to promoting your shop?

A blog is a good way to detail your process. Show pictures of works-in-progress. Highlight new product lines. A blog can also tell your customers all about you.

But, blogs are a social medium. If you want visitors to your blog, you're going to have to visit blogs, leave comments, and interact with the blogging community.

Blogs should be updated regularly. (That can be as frequently as once a day or just checking in once a month.) Rather than going it on your own, you could always go in with a couple fellow crafter/business owners and start a group blog.

(Shameless plug: Or, if you want to get your feet wet, this blog is always looking for other contributors. /shameless plug.)

The blogging community can be very supportive. You might fine a few blogging buddies who will let you post on their blogs, expanding your reach. They may link to your shop just because, giving you some extra exposure. Of course, you'll do the same for them.

Bloggers from CCCOE:

Do you have a blog? Do you enjoy blogging?

Do you regularly visit blogs (besides this one)?


  1. I should blog :/ I'm too lazy about it :(

  2. I do have fun with my blog! ✿

    Whether I am posting about my shop...(pretty much tooting my own horn) or Etsy in general...(posting fave treasuries under *treasured/found*) or even silly doggie~related posts, it does bring in a few extra views ~ and isn't that mostly what it is all about? I would like to expand it a bit by adding more pages maybe with food, fashion, giveaways etc. and hopefully build a larger following.

    Thank you Liz for this post about blogging and the link! ❤

  3. Great food for thought about blogging.


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