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Friday, January 13, 2017

Strange Luck

Ah, Friday the 13th...

(For those keeping track, we'll get another one of these 'round about October.)

A day associated with luck. Well, bad luck. But luck is what you make of it. So, some of us rather like the day and consider it lucky. How about you?

I asked the team about luck, and here's what they had to say...

ElenaMary said...
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HannaMade said...
This werewolf is good to have as your favorite cozy over this new year. And not only as lucky cozy, it's lucky for a person to have one and keep your lucky new phone or Nintendo 3DS XL game.
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BobblesByCarol said...
I would have to say my good luck has come in the wonderful online friends I've made since selling my jewelry... They are so supportive and have been there for me in good times and bad... We've laughed and cried over things that had nothing to do with business... I am truly lucky... 
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Modern Art Clay Pendant Necklace

We love to hear from you. Tell us a story about your luck in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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