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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Searching for a T-Shirt

It's March, which means I'm in the market for a t-shirt for my brother's birthday. What do my fellow team makers have available?

KEEP FIGHTING or FRAK Off Battlestar Galactica Keep Calm T-shirt
KEEP FIGHTING or FRAK Off Battlestar Galactica T-shirt by Sloth Art

SALE! Monsters Adult Tshirt, we live under your bed, fun gift
Monsters Adult T-shirt by Little Smarty Pantz 

T-shirts as expected. But the search term "tshirt" also picks up a couple other interesting choices... 

Like, I did not expect to find a messenger bag, although this is an interesting choice.

Messenger Bag, Auto Body Shop
Messenger Bag, Auto Body Shop by Merah Muda

I wonder what this is going to smell like...

Whipped Soap My Boyfriends Tshirt Creme Fraiche Vegan 2 oz Sample Size
My Boyfriends T-shirt Creme Fraiche by savor

Not something my brother would enjoy, but here's something really cute for a little girl...

Lavender long sleeve t-shirt dress for girls with flower skirt. Flower print: blue, red, orange, white, orange and lavender flowers
Lavender long sleeve t-shirt dress by 100acreCo

An eclectic mix. Have you ever found an interesting item when searching out something else? Have you ever considered adding t-shirts to your line? 

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