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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas in July

No, it's not too early to start planning for Christmas. Some people do their shopping year round. And now there's less than five months left!

The team has some things to help you get a jump start. 

From Pink Pianos
Each set of 3 tea towels is made from highly absorbent cotton linen and has been artfully hand-dyed using the ancient Japanese Art of Shibori. No 2 towels are alike, and your set will include 3 distinct patterns. These make great gifts and can be gifted individually or as a set. Fantastic for a teacher, friend or family member that enjoys time in the kitchen. 
Hand-dyed Set of Linen Shibori Tea Towels
Hand-dyed Set of Linen Shibori Tea Towels

Toddler Duvet Cover and Pillowcase. Toddler bed. Duvet Set in Blue. Baby shower gift. Childrens Room. Nursery.
Toddler Duvet Cover and Pillowcase

From The Crafty Nana:
Love these Christmas Stockings that can double as a gift holder for a new baby (at least in my mind).

Christmas Stocking, Hiking Boot, Handmade
Christmas Stocking, Hiking Boot

Christmas Stocking, Handmade, Mary Jane
Christmas Stocking, Mary Jane

And from annie k designs
You can never start too early shopping for Christmas holiday decor. I offer a wide variety of novelty tree skirts with my specialty being animals. 
First up is a Yorkie tree skirt:
Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Tree Skirt, Yorkie Tree Skirt, Dog Lover Tree Skirt, Red Christmas Tree Skirt
Yorkshire Terrier Christmas Tree Skirt

Second, knowing how stressful the holidays are and generally on the cold or chilly side, here's a wonderful u-shaped neck wrap to wrap yourself in organic French lavender to take away the winter blues or the woes of holiday shopping. 

Floral and Dragonfly U Shaped Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pack, Dragonfly Flax Seed Cotton Hot Pack, Microwaveable Hot Pack, Cold Pack, Handmade
Floral and Dragonfly U Shaped Flax Seed Hot/Cold Pack

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


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