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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tis the Season, Part 2

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We're here to help.

Sparkles-a-lot 2 has a fall inspired handmade beaded chain necklace:

Redwood Brown Sari Silk Tassel


Peppermint Candy Beaded Earrings

What is so special about this ornament is that a piece of a vintage sweater was given to me to use in a creation from a 92 year old neighbor of mine. She was a seamstress for many years and is trying to find places for her items to go and be used instead of just being thrown away. She came from a era where you did not just throw away items... once a item was done being used in its original state you would reuse it in something else. She only had a small piece of the sweater left so this ornament is very limited. I am making one for her family and one for our family the rest will be for sale. Her piece of sweater will go on to bring many joy as they hang these unique and special snowmen on their trees. This piece of sweater was given to me in the summer of 2015... A sad update is that in the summer of 2016 my neighbor passed away... after she passed away her grandchildren came to me and said they knew I sewed and that she had given me some items. They let me go in her sewing room and take what I could use. I got so many buttons... many of these buttons she cut off of cloths to reuse once she was done with the clothes. So now 2 of these buttons will be added to each snowman. Her little piece of sweater will live on in many homes and in your wonderful Christmas celebrations :) 
Vintage Up-Cycled Rustic Snowman Ornament

And finally, from (me) Zizi Rho Designs:
Because I like to have little knits everywhere, I knew I had to knit some ornaments for the tree. I hope you enjoy this little beaded bauble... 
Christmas Ornament Knitted Tree Ball in Blue and White Beads

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