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Monday, January 14, 2008


Short Review of the Chat Room Minutes:

1. Membership:

We have an automatic message to welcome members and it requests they join the yahoo group.

We get spikes of new members during monthly contests and treasuries. New member names are sent in monthly, requests of Etsy. Admin. Consequently, due to the lag in time, sometimes a week or so, new members joining may not see themselves added right away. Therefore, Shell really relies on new members checking on themselves in the list especially for omissions and corrections. Also, the CCCOE blog tries to keep current with new members being added but also, this takes time and Amanda relies on new members sending the information to her.

Along with this, new members work is added to the slide show, but it also takes time and the work may not show up immediately.


We will stick to monthly contests for now. The topic for February is: Lucky Charms. This contest will end and voting be in progress just before St Patrick's Day.

There are about 5 prizes left being held by 7bridges. Quirkynberkely is happy to take over handing out prizes to a random voter during the monthly contests. If postage becomes problematic, she will ask for help. Many members are willing to put up prizes, and when we run low they will be called for.


A calendar and map might be added, give the blog chairs some time to figure it out. Links to websites relevant to our group might be put on the blog; and when posts are needed they will ask.

4.Promo Swap:

A nice group has joined for the January Swap. Please send 30 items and a SASE Priority Flat Rate Envelope to yolandaclay by 1/3l/08.

Downtown La Meet Up: Sandysimone and/or visionquest will put up a post and poll on yahoo to determine date and place.

SF Bay Area Meet Up? Just posted in the forum and the Blog post just after this Chat review.

5.New Ideas for 2008:

Theme item was confusing. Having shops put a link to one item in their profile under a given theme would help make treasuries easier and useful for storque pitches. It also would help feature active members. Marimello suggested the idea and she will explain it further.

Team Shop:

Too big to take on right now.

Thanks to Nina for the recap!


  1. Great meeting everyone! Let's work to make our team a success!!


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