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Thursday, March 6, 2008

BRAINSTORMING - Cross-Promotion

CCCOE and NEWNEW teams Meeting and Brainstorm Inside
Welcome NewNew and CCCOE members! This thread is a tool for brainstorming a cross-promotion from sea to shining sea. Who is NewNew? The street team representing New York/New Jersey/Connecticut and see their profile (w/membership), blog, and some of their stuff here: http:/ Who is CCCOE? The street team representing California Crafters Club of Etsy and see their profile (click ‘favs’ for some of the members shops), blog, and some of their stuff here: ------------------------------------------------------ SO YOU WANT TO HAVE an East Coast/West Coast fling?! The Etsy team staffer (sarawearsskirts) has something up her sleeve for team cross promoting coming up soon! There is truth to the fact that when someone else promotes you, there is more value than in promoting yourself! Here is what she says: "i love that you're so interested in this project! keep brainstorming, but keep an open mind, as i'd love to meet with (virtually) and work with sets of teams for this project to create amazing, dynamic, successful events for everyone. so keep the ideas coming, and know you'll be hearing from me in a few days to work out some of the logistics and really get things rolling - don't make any hard plans yet! let's keep this a brainstorming discussion! please indicate here if your team is interested! you all are so great! -sara." ------------------------------------------------------ OK! LET'S BRAINSTORM! What kind of event would you like? What would be the goals? What can you contribute to make it successful? What should be the theme? ------------------------------------------------------ Here are a few specifics to work with: “Brooklyn Bridge meets the Golden Gate” a. Group Sale -- the goal here is straightforward sales. CCCOE is running one right now as part of a voter incentive in our Feb design competition and are giving 10% off to customers b. Shop 'Search' -- the goal here is more toward getting newcomers looking inside our shops, with sales a slightly secondary priority. These include treasure hunts, word searches and the like. Some folks like them, some think it is too time consuming for the customer. c. Design Competition -- the goal of these is also to get folks clicking on our items and in our shops. CCCOE does this every month (March is underway even). THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! We can have a blast and do this better than anyone! This thread can be used for a couple weeks, and will somehow be summarized by volunteers (I can always hope). Thanks and chat away!
Posted at 2:21 pm, March 6 2008 EST

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