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Monday, June 23, 2008

3 Winning Tips - How To Boost Sales on the Internet

Part 3 of 3

How’s your shop promotions going? If you’’re having fun it will show. If you want to key down a little and get serious, this is last tip is for you.

Subscriber Mailing Lists- I once read on a guerilla marketing article (yes, you can call me a frugal, money saving subversive now) that the 2 main reasons people use the internet are for (a) email; (b) news. If you get into a person’s email box you have it made! Why do you think there are so many spam programs out there?

So you need a mailing list for potential customers. How? Well, I do it without spending much of course.

Start your mailing list in person. Put out a sign up sheet at every craft fair you vend and get names by giving out small goody bags ('Free Goody Bag for Joining!') filled with samples of your work, candy, or whatever you ingeniously think up! Tell them what it’s for, “A once a month, or if I’m not too busy, twice a month email”. Most people will agree to that. Our team does a promo swap every few months, contact for the promo swap schedule. These items are really nice for goody bags.

Sale to Mailing List Subscriber

Collect subscribers on-line. Put an incentive in your Etsy shop announcement for folks to join your mailing list! (Free gift w/purchase for joining for example?). And every time you make an on-line sale, ask the customer if they want to be added to your mailing list. You can possibly post announcements to your new internet groups but only if they allow low key soliciting.

Now use that list! Send out specials to subscribers at least monthly, including coupons, Sneak Previews, where you are going to be for the next show and more. I do a simple, no cost email mailing without an attachment (many spam filters will see an attachment and into the junk pile you go). There are also fee programs that manage mailing lists.

Now go get ‘em and see you on Etsy!


  1. great tips! i will try that at the show in august!

  2. Thanks! Awesome tips and longlasting! I too will get an email mailing list book at shows!


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