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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Off Etsy Tools and Information for Your Shop

I have been exploring ways to find out more info on Etsy without being able to access html on a site. Here are some things I've found. If you know others please add them! Let's Ets: Tools for Etsy Sellers- (click on link to go there)

The goal of LetsEts is to provide a suite of free tools to make the lives of Etsy sellers easier. In addition to the Google Base formatter, some of the features we're working on include:

  1. Statistics to help you analyze your sales and listings
  2. Dashboard and Yahoo widgets to monitor new sales.
  3. A bulk lister
Unofficial Etsy News- just what it says-but lots of info that is easy to navigate. Heart-O-Tron: See your items with number of hearts Etsy Bitch: A blog pointing out the mishaps and blunders of Etsy. They do it so Etsy will improve for all its users.


  1. I didn't see an "E-mail me" link. I am hosting the Chico Christmas Boutique Saturday, November 8, and am looking for vendors w/unique and specialty items. If any of your members have an interest in participating, then please ask them to visit

  2. This is a lot of great information. I will check all of it out!



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