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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Publication of Event Photos

One thing that helps us remain a cohesive team are the local meet-ups that are organized by our members throughout California. When these events occur people generally submit photos and a short review from and about these gatherings to share with the rest of our members who could not attend due to scheduling or living in another part of the state. Many of these photos are submitted to the blog for publication. Many of you have asked for photos to be published from these events, yet when we do publish them we are getting feedback about how someone is not happy with the photo and it has to be taken off the site. We are unable to accommodate the wishes of all our members when it comes to this particular subject. Amanda and I simply can not keep up with who is comfortable with their likeness being published and who is not, therefor making more work for us maintaining the blog. In the future, if you are attending a CCCOE gathering, please do not pose for any photographs that might be submitted for the blog. Thanks for your cooperation. Heather


  1. it's actully quite common for photographs to only be used if you have written releases and removed if someone is unhappy with their likeness being used.
    i understand where you ladies are coming from but it's pretty common.

    it's kind of also a legality issue.
    my group of friends is hyper aware of this issue (pics taken during party type circumstances are frequently requested to be pulled or never posted, often if they contained illegal activity's)

    just so you know.
    it's pretty common.

  2. All sides can't be pleased in this sort of situation. People complain that there are no photos of our group events and people complain when there are photos posted.

    It's not that difficult to simply not pose in a photo. Seems to me a very easy way to fix the issue.

  3. Everyone is right in this situation. It is unfortunate that it has to be so technical at a social gathering, bit if photos are to be published you can sign a model release when you attend these meet ups or make sure not to post for any photos. Stay out of the way of the camera lens!


  4. In the future, this kind of post is better left in private, via the yahoo group, instead of the public face of CCCOE which represents over 300 artists.
    As this is the public arena for the group, this type of statement is not at all professional and I am saddened to see it here.


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