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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CCCOE Member Studio Tour: Featured Artist: HideABook

Japanese Plum Blossom Book Cover Tell us a little about yourself and how it all began. My name is Shanna Vaughn and my shop is HideABook ( I make vinyl book covers with attached ribbon bookmarks to hide and protect paperback books. I love to read romance novels but I find many of the covers to be goofy or embarrassing. I also like to take a book with me pretty much everywhere I go so that I can have something to read while waiting in line at the Post Office, doctor's office, etc. I wanted something pretty to cover up my books and to keep them nice while bumping around in my giant purse. I couldn't find anything stylish out there so I decided to make my own covers. Other friends who are readers loved my idea so I figured that random strangers might too. I've been a shopper on Etsy for a few years and I knew that it would be the perfect place to set up my online store. Where do you work? Show us your space please! I share an office in my apartment with my husband who is an IT professional. I'm working on annexing his space :) My dream (and goal) is to eventually have a nice big work space where I can have some elbow room and plenty of space to lay my delicate papers flat. What is your favorite tool? My favorite tool would have to be my super sharp guillotine I use for paper cutting. What time of the day are you the most productive/inspired? Definitely evening, my brain doesn't start cranking until at least noon. What inspires you? I get inspired by gorgeous handmade papers. The Paper Source store is my favorite place; I could spend hours browsing their amazing Japanese and Indian papers. How do you promote yourself and your shop? I have two book blogs that I use to run promotions and ads for Hide-a-Book and I stay involved with communities of romance readers online. They're my peeps but also my customers. How long have you been on Etsy? Since May of 2008 What else do you enjoy doing other than creating? Whenever I get some free time I love to read. Just give me a comfy chair and I can lose myself for hours in the fantasy world of a book. What would you like to see happen/change with CCCOE? I recently got to meet some other OC/LA area Etsy sellers which was really cool. I would love to regularly get together with people who share the same goals, joys and frustrations that I do. I'd like to get advice from sellers who have been doing this for a while and have wisdom to share. What is your favorite thing about CCCOE? Everyone is really friendly and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better group to join. What is your favorite food? Mexican food for sure. I could eat it every single day. Favorite book or movie? I think my favorite book would change depending on what day you ask me, but right now I'd have to say Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. One thing you absolutely cannot live without? My iPhone. It allows me to compulsively check my sales when I'm away from my computer and to read ebooks. Lastly what piece that you have created is your favorite and why? I love my Japanese bunnies book cover in gold. The bunnies are just so cute and the contrast of the pink and the vintage gold is so pretty. The ribbon I used for the bookmark matches just perfectly. Thanks to Shanna for taking the time out to share her studio and work with us. Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy. And if you are are a CCCOE member and want to be featured simply copy these questions and send your answers along to Heather or I.


  1. Thanks for giving us a peek at Shanna and hideabook!

  2. Very nice interview. I love when you can't find something that you want and can't find, so you end up making it yourself...That is the dream of all crafter! She has a really great shop!



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