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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make your own mailers from recycled materials

Hello all! In this section I will be showing you how I turn my cereal boxes into mailing envelopes. Since joining etsy, I've learned a lot about reusing, recycling, and saving money. We all want to save more money in the present time and here is a great way to do so! By reusing cereal boxes I have not purchased a mailing envelope in a very long time! Be sure to view the slide show below and get started in reusing your cereal boxes!

Thank you for viewing the slide show! Remember that you can reuse cereal boxes, brown paper bags, which I will make a slide show for in the near future, Large heavyweight paper and also envelopes that you receive from your etsy purchases!
This tutorial is courtesy of Ren from Raghouse International.


  1. Yeah- thanks so much, Ren! i love to recycle boxes and this is fantastic!

  2. Hi Ren, Great tutorial!! Thank you for sharing tips on being greener:)

  3. And if you want it to be a bubble mailer just hot glue bubble wrap to the inside before you tape it up.

    Great idea Ren!

  4. Great idea! I always feel bad throwing out cereal boxes this way I can get one more use of of them! Fabulous tutorial.


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