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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Gift Guide Announcement

The 2009 Handmade In California Summer Gift Guide is here! There are a number of exciting changes from the Holiday Guide so please read carefully. ·The Summer Gift Guide is optional and all California based Etsy sellers are invited to participate. ·The cost for each shop to participate in the California Summer Gift Guide is $10.00, which includes 6 images per shop, listed under 3 different and appropriate categories of your choice. If you have more than one shop, each shop must pay $10.00 to be included. If you have more than one shop, sharing items between your shops is not allowed. (For example if you have Shops A and B, you cannot combine items from Shops A and B and pay only $10.00.) ·To reserve your space, go to ·Follow the reservation instructions ·Once you reserve your space and categories, you will receive an invoice to pay for your listing within 48 hours. ·All spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon making your reservation you will be guaranteed your first category choice. ·No shops will be added after May 15, 2009 ·Each category will be limited to 20 shops. The categories are as follows: Adornments Art Aficionados D├ęcor Eco Friendly Fashion Forward Etc. Gifts by Price Range (choose a sub-category): Under $25 Under $50 Under $75 Luxe – items $100 and over For Her Fun in the Sun (I like this-summer related items) Mining for Gold in California (Vintage items) Tot to Teen Jewelry (choose a sub-category): Necklaces Bracelets Earrings Rings & Things Paperie Spa Special Occasion Father’s Day Summer Holidays Indulgences ·The front page of the gift guide will rotate and each member should be on the front page 1-2 times between launching and August 31, 2009 depending on the number of participants. These will also update automatically from Etsy. Each store is marked as a favorite when they sign-up to be certain that the items rotate often. ·A press release will be sent to several newspapers, tv and radio stations and stylists throughout the state. If you would like your bio sent with the press release, please forward to anniek at anniekclothing [!at] Some newspapers thought the press release was not relevant to their readers without having a shop in their area. ·Money collected from guide listings and advertisements will go towards promoting the Summer Gift Guide via web ads. i.e. project wonderful, blogs and other places that the PR Committee determines to best suit the advertising needs of the Gift Guide. Suggestions are also welcome. During the Spring Gift Guide, ads were run on thru Google, Project Wonderful and various blogs/websites. ·The guide received 5000 hits from January-April and we expect traffic to grow with each edition. ·Other expenses such as payment of the graphics and other items will also be used from the fees. ·Advertising will be accepted for the front page and each category. Ads will be 125 x 125 pixels. Front page ads cost $ 25 each and category ads cost $15 each. Ads will run May 15 through August 31, 2009 ·The Gift Guide will accept advertising from all California-based Etsy sellers regardless of participating in the Gift guide. The PR Committee reserves the right to refuse any and all ads. NEW CHANGES For the Summer Gift Guide vintage items will be included in the Gold Digging in California. The first 30 participants to reserve space on the guide will be featured on the front page under the new "SpotLight" section. Shop Spotlights will run for 3 days. Members who reserve their space after the first 30, will be featured on Spotlight sections under appropriate category pages. The "Chatterbox" is a new section where buyers can find sales, promotions and the latest news. Guide participants may email their news and shop updates to: info [!at] During our Spring edition over 250 new members signed up for email updates and of course, a chance at the giveaway. Please review the guidelines carefully and feel free to contact AnnieK at anniekclothing [!at] should you have any questions.

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