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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ocean Avenue Silks - Orange County Museum of Art and Beyond!

Becke of Ocean Avenue Silks was kind enough to share her story of having her scarves featured at the Orange County Museum of Art. Thank you Becke for sharing your inspirational story with us! The Orange County Museum of Art wrapped up their exhibit, Illuminations, on September 13th. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to have my Georgia O'Keeffe inspired scarves in their gift shop during the exhibit. I really appreciate all the support from my team members that walked me through the design process and all the little details that went into getting my scarves prepared for the museum gift shop. During the four months of the exhibit, there were two CCCOE meet ups, and it was so much fun to get together with my team mates! The first one included Marilyn of CigarBoxBeads, Nan of NansGlam, and Lauren of TheChainMailleLady. I had already been down to the museum a few times without incident, but with Marilyn in the car, we did get lost on the way there and had trouble getting on the freeway on the way back! (We have been lost together a few times now!) The second get together included Elsiee from Namaste Designs, Rose of MyFriendRoze, Amanda of AmandaKLockrowJewels, Jullee of SurfandSand, and Linda of Whimsicals. Both meet ups included a great lunch at The Cheesecake Factory after viewing the exhibit. Thank you all for sharing this experience with me! Right after the exhibit ended, I received an email from the gift shop manager that they only had 5 scarves left (of about 54), and complimenting me on the quality of my scarves, and my professionalism. And...(drum roll please!) they asked me to create a few new scarves for their upcoming exhibit of Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series! As the OCMA exhibit was ending, I was contacted by The Whitney Museum of Modern American Art in New York City(!!!) about carrying one of my scarves in their gift shop during their O'Keeffe exhibit, Abstractions that began on September 17th. On a funny note, Marguerite of BellaBeadsOriginals convo'd me about the upcoming Whitney exhibit, and I was looking for someone to contact, but the very next day they contacted me!!! The Whitney started with only 6 scarves, but I thought sales were going well when a woman I follow on Twitter posted that she had purchased one of them! They ordered another dozen a few weeks ago, and I am holding another dozen to be shipped sometime this month. This has really been an amazing experience for me, and I feel lucky to have the support of the CCCOE team behind me. When I first started selling my scarves online, I read an article about promoting that said it was as important to promote others as it is to promote yourself. Another team member told me I would succeed because I had "good karma" from trying to help others succeed, which I just love and really took to heart in how I run my business. I hope I can give back as much as the team members have given me!


  1. This is so fantastic. Becke is a truly nice person as well as a talented artist. She deserves all of this and much more. This is just the beginning!!

  2. Great feature and amazing scarves!

  3. Congratulations, Becke! Wishing you continued success and happy painting :)

  4. great feature. New cccoe member need to get added to this blog. Thanks



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