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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrr! The weather outside has been frightfully chilly for many from coast to coast. Many people dread having to wear several bulky layers of drab colored clothing. Have no fear, California Crafters are here! From snow bunnies to those just braving the cold, here are some ways to stay warm from head to toe while being fashionable.
To keep your ears warm and hair from blowing in your face, check out this head accessories from MariesCrochetCorner, MoonlightDreams, and ardentreverie: Keep your neck warm with these great scarves from Phydeaux, Raghousenternational, and DesignKnitFun:
Peacefu1, BlueBirdsandBlossoms, and Ohmay make beautiful gloves: Finally, as a blast from the past, legwarmers are making a come back. Check out these fabulous designs from Reggief, EfiaFair, and Mademoisellemermaid:


  1. lovely items~ :)
    Sure to be warm this winter!

  2. great selection and I just love to see what's available in California.

  3. Thanks for featuring my Amber Scarf. It's so cold here today, I want to take it off my Etsy store and wear it myself!


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