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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Taurus!

Born April 20 thru May 21 the Taurus is the earthiest among all earth signs of the zodiac. Represented by the Bull which is prized for strength and stamina, the Taurus does not move unless there is something worth moving for.

Taurus by Stardust They are peace lovers and are more practical than intellectual. They are loyal and can endure relationships without betrayals. Blue Dragonflies in the Spring Peace Sign Tree by LauraLi They are homely and prefer staying indoors with a good eye for materialistic things, luxury and well furnished lifestyle. They like good food, permanency, and all the comforts life can offer. They hate to break their routine or be rushed.

Dish with Blue Crystalline Glaze by ClayMystique

Designer Pillow Cover with Coral by SeashellCollection Though they are patient and peaceful by nature, Taureans are extremely possessive with their own possessions as well as with their partners. They often tend to get jealous, if not given necessary attention. They can be very stubborn and obsessive at times.

Be Mine Creature Magnet by FranticMeerkat Famous Taurus include Katharine Hepburn, George Clooney, Billy Joel, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci and Florence Nightingale.

4th in our series of Astrological Signs by Sophie n Me


  1. Great feature and love the creations here!! Nan

  2. Love that pillow! Great features! Happy birthday month to all you Taurus's!

  3. Very cool feature! Love the necklace and all these lovely pieces!

  4. I am a Taurus and I adore this stuff lol....although I am too stubborn to admit that any of the personality trait here are true ;)

  5. *raises hand* Taurus here! In my defense, I'm no more bullheaded than anyone else :-)


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