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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Knits

It's spring. The weather has warmed up. It's time to put away all that winter gear. All those lovely knits. Wait a minute...

Just because it's gotten warmer doesn't mean that the knits have to go away. There are lovely knits that are perfect for this time of year.

Head-to-toe knits are a bit different for spring. For the head, a headband by Murielle Knitwear. And for the "toe" a pair of spats by EfiaFair.

Sweaters aren't out of the question either, as long as they are light and sleeveless. (These also transition into summer.) Like the mini dress from Peacefu1 or sleeveless knit top from Raghouse International.  

Knits don't have to mean clothing, though. You can find knit jewelry as well such as earrings from Zizi Rho Designs or a bangle bracelet (crocheted, but we are talking yarn and stitches, and crochet is basically a sister craft of knit anyway) by hooray4lala.

Knits can also house your necessary electronics. What better way to house your cell phone or mp3 player than in some knits such as those from Ohmay or susanneedlehands.  

Speaking of houses, spring is time for spring cleaning and...some decorating? How about a couple pillows like these from The Red Bungalow and Stitchy Impressions. (Yes, the second one is crocheted. But crochet is cool, too.)  

It's spring. It's time to pull out the knits. 

This post contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. All pictures link back to their shops on  


  1. Crochet makes me feel nostalgic because my mom and granny used to crochet but I notice it's getting a lot more attention than it used to. One of these days I vow to learn how to knit. Great post!

  2. Love all the great fiber creations here! Nan

  3. Great post! Isn't it great that crochet no longer means just a blanket or shawl.

  4. Great post and creations! Thanks for finding them for us all!

  5. There is so much creativity and diversity in our beloved CCCOE Team, and this post proves it once again! Nice blog post!

  6. Thank you for including me here with all the great knitters!

  7. I think I am in love with those spats.

  8. Very nice knits! I love the bracelet. :)


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