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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spotlight on....

Welcome to our 9th installment of the Spotlight series by Sophie n Me.
Today we are meeting....
1. Your name and name of your shop(s)?
I'm Michelley QueenofQueens.
My etsy shop bears the incredibly creative name "queenofqueens". 2. Day or night job if you have one.
Like most artists I've worked a wide variety of day and night jobs. Currently I'm lucky enough to work solely in the field of visual art. I paint, make wacked out art doodads and - I tattoo. I don't enjoy hurting people for money, but they keep asking me to do it so how can I refuse? Seriously though, I actually love helping people manifest the visions they have of themselves. It's the only collaborative work I do. Its incredibly gratifying to permanently imbue a person's body with art they get to keep forever. Handpainted Teapot Lonely Hearts & Shrinking Violets 3. Where do you get the inspiration for your designs/shop?
Nothing gives me a bigger brain boner than nature's infinite diversity and beauty. I've also been deeply influenced by early Warner Bros cartoons, Low budget horror movies, Watership Down, Angela Carter, Beatrix Potter, Madeline L'engle and the American Revolutionary War. Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print Fancy Frosted Cupcake 4. What was your favorite vacation as a child?
I mostly took vacations of my own imagining when I was small. I liked to think of our backyard raspberry patch as a jungle. I imagined the daffodil bed as a fairy kingdom and the woods behind my best friend Veronica's house were a place of deep mystery and intrigue. This is probably the impression most grade school kids have during daytime explorations of woods inhabited by teenagers at night. Necklace Sweet and Charming Retro Sparrows 5. What did you have for dinner today?
Spaghetti! 6. Finish this sentence "If I had all the time in the world...."
I'd see as much of the world as possible, down to the infinitesimal details. I'd spend hours scouring all its dark corners, unearthing hidden treasures to share in show and tell with those I love. Think of all the mogwai, mermaids and jackalopes I'd find! Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print What Makes Us Different Makes Us Special 7. Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?
If I really have to choose, I'd say Stephen Colbert. 8. What makes you smile?
Absurdity. And baby animals. Surreal Fine Art Giclee Print Some Bunnys Gonna Pay 9. What don't people know about you?
In middle school, I once inhaled helium at a 4-H fair where my friend Janice and I were selling balloons. We'd inhale then ask passersby in cartoonishly high voices if they wanted to buy our wares. It was our marketing gimmick. It didn't raise our revenue but we got a stockpile of weird looks and nervous smiles from the adults passing by. So worth it. 10. How many hours do you spend a day searching for stuff on Etsy?
If I'm curating a treasury for one of my teams (I'm the Captain of the Etsy Queer Team and I'm also on the Etsy Ugly Cute Team as well as CCCOE) I can truly enter an etsy worm hole and not emerge for hours. Seriously, shopping on etsy is like walking through the back of C.S. Lewis' wardrobe, time just flies when you're surrounded by so much magickal deliciousness.


  1. What a fun interview!! Thanks for the smiles!

  2. You sound like a very interesting person. I like people who aren't afraid of being different! Keep it up! :)

  3. Great to know a little bit about you. Love the article.

  4. This was such a fun interview to do! Many thanks to the CCCOE team and sophienme for doing such a great job. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.

  5. I really liked reading this interview! Very fun! I would have also chosen Stephen Colbert :)


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