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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do we define our world, or does our world define us? I have to say that I've made some things for my Etsy store that I'm sure I would never had thought of making. Robots, foxes, mustaches, owls, narwhals - all things that were never in my repetoire prior to discovering Etsy, and all popular themes on Etsy. I really LIKE foxes and owl, and I don't think I've been even been with a man that didn't have a mustache, but would I have thought of making them if it wasn't for Etsy? Did Etsy make them popular or are they popular despite Etsy? I just recently bought a pair of fingerless gloves - an item that had never before entered my mind as something I should own until I saw them on Etsy (they're actually quite handy). Still, Etsy tends to have a great influence on us creative types, especially if we are business people as well as makers and like to sell as much as we like to create. Here are some great examples of the themes that are popular on Etsy, with buyers and sellers alike. What I love most about the handmade pieces is that the creator has taken a common theme, put their artistic stamp on it and made it their own. Personalized Bike Stationery by SweetPerversion
Mustachioed Thank You card by Gigglesapu Vintage Owl Magnifying Glass by Soradesigns
Beige Cowl by Phydeaux
Octopus Thank you Card by PupandPony
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  1. I often wonder about this too! Great post! I'm just waiting for wombats to make it big here on etsy, hee hee. :)

  2. Love this article. So true about how us artistic types are influenced :) Great selections!

  3. I have pondered this existential dilemma myself many times....why the owl? Why not sideburns? The mysteries of etsyland may be best left unexplained lol. Oh and also, I love Sweetperversions shop :)


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