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Friday, August 5, 2011

Pull Your Hair Back

I've been experimenting with making barrettes...

...and I got to wondering. I can't be the only one. What sort of barrettes are my fellow teammates coming up with?

Well, that's an easy search.

First I found these two stunning pieces from The Rustic Home and LisamariesPiece.

These are the sort of barrettes that I find myself drooling over at craft fairs. My hair is pretty thick, so I need nice things to hold it back. Sturdy is good too.

Then I saw these shiny ones by The Pink Camellia and 2Dy4.  

It was hard to narrow it down to one example from each of these shops. Too many choices.

Then there were some flower-themed from Snapdragon Lace and Rindow Designs.

I need to stop looking. There are so many nice barrettes and hair accessories. I can't choose.

These from Lil' Princess Bowtique and My Sweetie Bean are way cute.

These are aimed at a younger set. I don't think I could get away with wearing them myself. Although, I might just try...

Finally, the unique from Tresijas and EvalynBlackDesigns.

The first one is from an actual vinyl record album. As for the second, we all know that feathers are really big in accessories at the moment.  

I'm impressed. I think it's time to extend my barrette collection. Can you ever have too many barrettes?  

This post was contributed by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. All pictures link back to the items on etsy. Also, search "barrette" and "cccoe team" to find some other amazing items.  


  1. Great post, so many beauties for your lovely locks. I think you can never have too many of your favorite things.

  2. Awesome post! I never know what to do with my hair and my little Sophie barely has hair but know you've given me some great ideas. Thanks!

  3. Great picks! Too bad my hair is too short for any of these items.

  4. Great post and lovely hair accessories!

  5. wow! it's incredible how many different styles there are. so many different kinds of pretty!

  6. Lots of great finds from our CCCOE team mates! Thanks for including me among all the pretties. =)


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