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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School!!

Hello! My name is Gwendolyn Garcia, also known as shop seller GwendolynForever on etsy! Crazy, but YES! it is that time of year again... summer has flown by like a dream, there is a crispness in the breeze and a chill at night, the leaves are beginning to take flight in a brown and amber spiral dance of Autumn wind... more and more apples and winter squashes at the Farmer's Market, and a newsletter from school... It is Back-To-School Time again! Of course, I have fond memories of Back-To-School shopping as a child. Brand new binders, folders, paper, pencils, and a few new things to keep me warm and presentable for my first day of school... Fun! Here are a few handmade items that bring the FUN back to Back-To-School shopping... items that are sweet and enduring enough to carry the nostalgia of Autumn and School Days through-out the years. A love for quality that lasts and eye-candy that stimulates creative thoughts, learning, and dreams... we teach our children valuable lessons by how we choose to spend our money: Handmade, High Quality, and Beautiful... Timeless Values that we can pass on to our young buy purchasing hand-crafted items from talented sellers like these... Enjoy!
Children's Big Ruffle Pants by Kate Emerson Designs Adorable, comfy, and warm... Perfect for the playground!
Apple Jacket by Handamade An apple for the teacher? Perfect for the Teacher's Pet or a fun, healthy snack!
Pencil Case for 3 Ring Binder by malibu quilts A cute and sturdy case to keep all the essentials close at hand! Available in many different prints and colors!
Cardinal Red Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves by ohmay Ideal for keeping hands stylishly warm while walking to school in the nippy morning cool!
Golden Phoenix Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag Set by Random Sacks of Kindness Ingenious! Imagine the money you will save on plastic baggies... available in many colors and designs!
Craft Organizer by emma jeffery 123 Sweet! Perfect for your artistic little princess!
An adorable and highly intriguing way to keep those expensive gadgets protected! I hope you enjoyed these Back-To-School features... for more goods from our talented CCCOE team sellers just type "cccoe" and "back to school" in the etsy search engine! Peace!


  1. Fun post! Almost makes me want to go back to school ;)

  2. Great Post! I love your last paragraph. Great insight!

  3. Such a great post, makes me a little sad that my kids are older now and they buy their own back to school stuff. Adorable picks!

  4. Terrific post and love all the great back to school creations.

  5. wow....great stuff...wish etsy was around when my kids were still in school....thanks for including my gloves!!!

  6. Wonderful finds for the time that comes all too soon.

  7. Great blog post, and wonderful finds!

  8. So much fun, I still get excited about back to school even though my kids are in college. Great article.

  9. Lots of great back to school finds!

  10. Great finds. I love the ruffle pants and can never have enough hand warmers.


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