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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Style Trend: Feathers

Feathers are are popping up on celebrities of all sorts these days! And I love how this trend can be tailored to fit your own unique style. Feathers can go hippie bohemian, indie-alt rocker, fun rainbowy pop, or even elegant movie star chic. Just take a look:
*Photos via Google Images*
Infusing nature into personal style seems especially fitting for fall, when the changing colors and textures of the landscape around us take center stage. Because trends can be, um, trendy, I usually like to sprinkle them into my existing wardrobe of basics via accessories; in this case, items like gold and silver feather charm pendants, whispery dangle earrings, and romantic, whimsical fairytale headbands. Take a peek of some of my very favorite feathery Etsy finds, all from CCCOE Team members (clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the shops):

'Fine Feathered Friends ' by PuppyLovePrincess

Gold Feather Earrin...
The Beginning in th...
Chinchilla Saddle H...
Plume de Luxe hair ...
Spiky Feather Hoops...
Feather Pendant Fin...
At the Mariinsky Th...
Pajaro Mini's
Kazuli Dragonfly Ne...
feather earrings ch...
Assemblage Necklace...
Turquoise and Silve...
SABRINA THIN- feath...
Enchanted Feather -...
feather extension c...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

For more girly-girl goodness, visit me at: PuppyLovePreschool "Land of Little, Lovely Delightfullish Things"


  1. Fantastic feature. I love feathers and you found some awesome ones here.

  2. Love your point that feathers can be easily adapted to suit many different styles. So true!

  3. This is such a great article. So many beautiful feather finds too.

  4. Great finds! I see feathers everywhere, definitely a style trend.

  5. totally craving for feathers. i wanna be an indigo boho chick!



  6. Great feathery finds, love them!

  7. Everything looks so wonderful. I wish I could buy it all!!!


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