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Monday, September 5, 2011

New Finds

New shops join the CCCOE team all the time. Curious, I decided to check out some of those shops that have joined us since my last post. I found all sorts of interesting things.

First, I found these magical items...

I so want that wand from Refined Pallet, and the Fortune Teller Ring from Jewelry You Love is just so fun.  

Then, in the decor department...

...there's the "Peace" lantern by Earthworks and the Candle with a Handle by Blacksmith Creations.

The newest hot trend in jewelry are the feather earrings. I prefer taking trends with a twist...  

Get some Real Butterfly Wing Earrings by Natural Flipside or earrings that have the feathery feel from Caposhi Handmade. (I wondered about using real butterfly wings for earrings, but the description assures that the wings were made from already deceased butterflies.)

Finally, I couldn't skip my first love, knit (and crochet)...

...with cowls from Sarah Wales Designs and JPavey Designs. The first one is knit; the second one is crochet, but both are airy and gorgeous.  

This post is by Liz from Zizi Rho Designs. You can click on the pictures to get to the items on Etsy. (Although, I call dibs on the wand.)  


  1. what fun items! i love the lantern, especially :)

  2. Great post and wonderful finds. Welcome to all the new team members:)

  3. Welcome new team members! Super creations!

  4. Hey, newbies, welcome! Great finds in those shops!

  5. I love seeing things from new, actually, I love to see items from any cccoe shop!
    Welcome to all new and new-ish members!

  6. Great finds! That wand is awesome.


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