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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Little Green

For October, I thought I'd see what green items our team has made...  

Green? What, you were expecting orange?  

(I just finished the cutest--if I do say so myself--green patchwork purse. I have green on my mind.)  

I love knits. And crochet. So, of course, the yarny items stood out. Felt is such a perfect fabric for coasters (I wonder that I didn't think of this.)  

Felted Coasters by Stitchy Impressions

This scarf is such a stunning dark green.

Lily of the Valley by Knit Purl Squirrel

I've never been able to get a brim to work on a hat. I'll have to ask how she did it.

Newsboy by Betty Atkins

Here's a paler green on a sewn purse. Great shape.

Mint Green Reversible Purse by A Stone's Throw

I can't seem to do a post without a pair of earrings. I wonder why that is.

Bali Style Drop Earrings by Jeanine Designs

Very cheery. And there's just something about a purple/green combo that I love.

Upcycled Glass Stash Jar by Crazie Happy

And if you have a mezuzah affixed to your doorway, what better cover for it than one in green.

Mezuzah Cover by ClayMystique

This post contributed by Liz at Zizi Rho Designs who cannot do a post with a color theme in a color that makes sense for that month. It's a thing.

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  1. Love your green picks! Greens my favorite color :)

  2. Ooh, green makes me think of ferns and cool weather..nice items!

  3. Love the coasters and the scarf! Thanks for featuring my earrings. Had to share this with my friends.


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